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   Central Asia – A Hot Spot of Dust  
نویسنده Althausen Dietrich ,Abdullaev Sabur ,Hofer Julian
منبع تغيير اقليم و گرمايش زمين - 1399 - دوره : 6 - ششمین همایش منطقه ای تغییر اقلیم و گرمایش زمین - کد همایش: 99201-45014 - صفحه:24 -24
چکیده    Atmospheric dust plays an important role in the daily life in central asia. especially tajikistan is subject to advected dust masses from the sahara, the middle eastern deserts, the iranian deserts, the aral desert, others remote sources and – of course – local sources.tropos/germany cooperates with the tajik academy of sciences for long-term vertically-resolved measurements of the atmospheric particles by an aerosol lidar at dushanbe/tajikistan. results of those measurements will be presented. the main aerosol layer height amounts between 3 and 5 km. dust traces were observed up to 11 km height. the optical properties of the dust measured at central asia differ from those of saharan dust. cloud-relevant properties show the considerable impact of dust on clouds.
کلیدواژه Central Asia ,Atmospheric Dust ,Aerosol Lidar
آدرس Leibniz Institute For Tropospheric Research, Germany, Physical Technical Institute Of The Academy Of Sciences Of Tajikistan, Tajikistan, Leibniz Institute For Tropospheric Research, Germany

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