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   Inorganic Chemistry Research   
سال:2020 - دوره:4 - شماره:2

  tick  Cobalt-Based Coordination Polymer (Co-Icp) Microparticles As Preferred Anionic Dye Adsorbent: Synthesis And Dye Adsorption - صفحه:213-224

  tick  Csp3-Cl Bond Activation Promoted By A Methylplatinum(Ii) Complex: Synthesis,Structural Characterization, And Density Functional Approach To Oxidative Addition Reaction With Dichloromethane - صفحه:132-139

  tick  In Situ Polymerization Of Polyaniline In Silane Modified Calcium Based Layered Double Hydroxide Intercalated Tartrate - صفحه:250-260

  tick  Inorganic Nanostructures Especially Obtained From Liquid/Liquid Interface By Reduction Of Organometallic Precursors: A Mini Review - صفحه:140-182

  tick  Investigation Of Catalytic Activity And Kinetics Of A Pd/Biphenyl-Based Phosphine System In The Ullmann Cross-Coupling Of Para-Substituted Aryl Bromides - صفحه:194-200

  tick  Luminescent Cycloplatinated(Ii) Complexes: Impact Of Ancillary Ligands And Second Metals - صفحه:225-249

  tick  Mercury(Ii) Schiff Base Complexes: Synthesis, Spectral Characterization, Thermal Studies And Crystal Structures - صفحه:270-278

  tick  Modified Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Containing Firmly Interacted Venturello Anion: An Efficient Catalyst For Olefin Epoxidation - صفحه:261-269

  tick  Nano Structured Mercury(Ii) Schiff Base Complexes Of A N3-Tridentate Ligand As New Biological Active Agents - صفحه:279-294

  tick  Probing The Effect Of Bipyridine Derivatives On The Reduction Of Platinum(Iv) Complexes By 5ˊ-Dgmp - صفحه:295-303

  tick  Supporting H5[Pmo10v2o40] And H5 [Pw10v2o40] Heteropolyacids Onto The Surface Of Amine-Functionalized Boehmite Nano-Particles For Catalytic Epoxidation Of Alkenes - صفحه:201-212

  tick  Vo(Acac)2 Supported On Ethylenediamine Functionalized Hydrous Zirconia Nano-Particles For Catalytic Epoxidation Of Alkenes - صفحه:183-193

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