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   The Isc International Journal Of Information Security   
سال:2019 - دوره:11 - شماره:3

  tick  A Fair Power Allocation For Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access In The Power Domain - صفحه:123-130

  tick  A Sudy On Information Privacy Issue On Social Networks - صفحه:19-27

  tick  Access And Mobility Policy Control At The Network Edge - صفحه:105-111

  tick  Algebraic Matching Of Vulnerabilities In A Low-Level Code - صفحه:1-7

  tick  An Optimal Utilization Of Cloud Resources Using Adaptive Back Propagation Neural Network And Multi-Level Priority Queue Scheduling - صفحه:145-151

  tick  Aspect Oriented Uml To Ecore Model Transformation - صفحه:97-103

  tick  Cloud And Iot Based Smart Car Parking System By Using Mamdani Fuzzy Inference System (Mfis) - صفحه:153-160

  tick  Cognitive Strategic Model Applied To A Port System - صفحه:73-78

  tick  Considering Uncertainty In Modeling Historical Knowledge - صفحه:59-65

  tick  Critical Success Factors For Data Virtualization: A Literature Review - صفحه:131-137

  tick  Enhancing Learning From Imbalanced Classes Via Data Preprocessing: A Data-Driven Application In Metabolomics Data Mining - صفحه:79-89

  tick  Evaluating Multipath Tcp Resilience Against Link Failures - صفحه:113-122

  tick  Evaluation Of Planet Factors Of Smart City Through Multi-Layer Fuzzy Logic (Mfl) - صفحه:51-58

  tick  Face Recognition Based Rank Reduction Svd Approach - صفحه:39-50

  tick  Hand Gestures Classification With Multi-Core Dtw - صفحه:91-96

  tick  Iot Protocols Based Fog/Cloud Over High Traffic - صفحه:173-180

  tick  Medical Image Compression Based On Region Of Interest - صفحه:29-34

  tick  Proposed St-Slotted-Cs-Aloha Protocol For Time Saving And Collision Avoidance - صفحه:67-72

  tick  Role And Application Of Rfid Technology In Internet Of Things: Communication, Authentication, Risk, And Security Concerns - صفحه:9-17

  tick  The Role Of Packet Tracer In Learning Wireless Networks And Managing Iot Devices - صفحه:35-38

  tick  Towards Measuring The Project Management Process During Large Scale Software System Implementation Phase - صفحه:161-172

  tick  Using Machine Learning Arima To Predict The Price Of Cryptocurrencies - صفحه:139-144

  tick  Virtualized Network Management Laboratory For Educational Purposes - صفحه:181-186

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