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   Prediction of Red Mud Boundsoda Losses in Bayer Process Using Neural Networks  
نویسنده Mahmoudian M. ,Ghaemi A. ,Hashemabadi H.
منبع Iranian Journal Of Chemical Engineering - 2016 - دوره : 13 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:46 -56
چکیده    In the bayer process, the reaction of silica in bauxite with caustic soda causes the loss of great amount of naoh. in this research, the boundsoda losses in bayer process solid residue (red mud) are predicted using intelligent techniques. this method, based on the application of regression and artificial neural networks (aan), has been used to predict red mud boundsoda losses in iran alumina company. multilayer perceptron (mlp), radial basis function (rbf) networks and multiple linear regressions (mlr) were applied. the results of three methodologies were compared for their predictive capabilities in terms of the correlation coefficient (r), mean square error (mse) and the absolute average deviation (aad) based on the experimental data set. the optimum mlp network was obtained with structure of two hidden layer including 13 and 15 neurons in each layer respectively. the results showed that the rbf model with 0.117, 5.909 and 0.82 in mse, aad and r, respectively, is extremely accurate in prediction as compared with mlp and mlr.
کلیدواژه Neural Network ,Linear Regression ,Boundsoda ,Red Mud ,Bayer Process
آدرس Iran Alumina Complex, ایران, Iran University Of Science And Technology, School Of Chemical Engineering, ایران, Iran Alumina Complex, ایران

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