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   Experimental Study and Mathematical Modeling of the Osmotic Drying Process  
نویسنده Movagharnejad K ,Shafiee Langari F
منبع Iranian Journal Of Chemical Engineering - 2015 - دوره : 12 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:15 -32
چکیده    The osmotic dehydration of three agricultural products including carrot, zucchiniand turnip has been studied in this research. the effect of several factors includingtemperature, sample to osmotic solution weight ratio and the concentration of theosmotic solutes on the osmotic dehydration of these agricultural products wereinvestigated experimentally. the experimental studies consist of two differentconcentrations (10%, and 20 w/w% for carrots, 30%, and 50 w/w% for zucchiniand 40%, and 50 w/w% for turnips), two different vegetable/solution weight toweight ratios (1:10 and 1:15 for all materials) and two different temperatures (30°cand 50°c for carrots and zucchini and 40°c and 50°c for turnips). three dietarycoatings including pectin, carboxymethyl cellulose and corn starch have beenselected to control the solids uptake during the osmotic process. the azuara modelproved to be the most accurate correlation to describe the kinetics of the osmoticdehydration of these three agricultural products. the root mean square error of theazuara model for solid gain in different conditions was between 0.014 and 0.065 forcarrots, 0.011 and 0.030 for zucchini and 0.008 and 0.014 for turnips. the root meansquare error of the azuara model for water loss in different conditions was between0.008 and 0.016 for carrots, 0.003 and 0.008 for zucchini and 0.009 and 0.017 forturnips.
کلیدواژه Osmotic Dehydration ,Drying ,Azuara Model ,Carrot ,Zucchini ,Turnip
آدرس Babol Noshirvani University Of Technology, ایران, Babol Noshirvani University Of Technology, ایران

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