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   Aqueous Quinoline Treatment With Iron/ Copper Activated Uv/ Persulfate Process in A Falling Film Photo-Reactor  
نویسنده Saien J ,Asgari H
منبع Iranian Journal Of Chemical Engineering - 2014 - دوره : 11 - شماره : 4 - صفحه:50 -63
چکیده    This article reports the application of the homogenous uv/ persulfate process, activatedwith iron copper ions, for the treatment of quinoline (qu) in aqueous solutions. aphoto-reactor with a radial falling solution film around the uv lamp was utilized.under established optimum conditions of [qu] 0= 40 mg/l, [ps]= 1000 mg/l, ph 6,[fe2+] / [cu2+]= 1 mg/l and after 70 min, 88.3%, 94.8% and 96.4% degradations wereachieved with uv/ps, uv/ps/fe2+ and uv/ps/cu2+ processes, respectively.accordingly, total organic carbon (toc) removals were 31.2%, 36.1% and 82.2% after120 min, which highlights the amazing power of copper ions in the treatment. for eachcase, pseudo first order reactions were obtained for the used processes. the requiredirradiation energy per cubic meter of aqueous solutions was 127.6, 100.5 and 71.8 kwhfor the used processes, respectively. meanwhile, the role of active radicals wasinvestigated using radical scavengers of ethanol and tert-butyl alcohol, indicating about48.9% contribution of sulfate radicals in the degradation mechanism.
کلیدواژه Uv/ Persulfate ,Quinoline ,Falling Film Reactor ,Kinetic ,Energy Consumption
آدرس Bu Ali Sina University Of Hamadan, ایران, Bu Ali Sina University Of Hamadan, ایران

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