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   Journal Of Medicinal And Chemical Sciences   
سال:2023 - دوره:6 - شماره:6

  tick  An Evaluation Of Activity Of Prepared Zinc Nanoparticles With Extract Green Plant In Treatments Of Diclofenac, Levofloxacin, And Tetracycline In Water - صفحه:1323-1335

  tick  Assessment Of Anti-Diabetic And Antioxidant Activities Of Rourea Minor Stems In Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats - صفحه:1370-1382

  tick  Association Of Serum Serotonin Levels, And Hyperglycemia With Ageusia And Anosmia In Iraqi Covid-19-Infected Patients - صفحه:1344-1351

  tick  Congenital Anomalies Of Urinary Tract In Kosovo Population Diagnosed By Renal Scintigraphy - صفحه:1457-1468

  tick  Correlation Of Calcium/Potassium And Zinc/Copper Coefficients With Bio Elements In Pre-Obese Pateints - صفحه:1394-1409

  tick  Effect Of Vitamin D Deficiency On Dental Caries And Salivary Parameters - صفحه:1362-1369

  tick  Epidemiology And Genetic Diversity Of Ctx-M Gene In Klebsiella Pneumoniaein Baghdad City - صفحه:1419-1425

  tick  Identification Of Significant Instants Of Voxels For Cognitive State Classification Using Interpretable Machine Learning Models - صفحه:1291-1301

  tick  Knowledge And Awareness Of The Side Effects And Drug Interactions Of Antibiotics And Analgesics Among The Dental Students In Iraq - صفحه:1265-1275

  tick  Levosimendan Versus Dobutamine In Children With Acute Heart Failure - صفحه:1433-1443

  tick  Molecular Identification Of Virulence Genes Salmonella Enterica Isolated Of Animal And Human Diarrheal - صفحه:1302-1309

  tick  Oral Manifestation Associated With Biochemical And Hematological Changes In Iraqi End-Stage Renal Failure Patients - صفحه:1352-1361

  tick  Pressure Flow Dynamics In Kidney Model Using Cellular Automata Rules - صفحه:1276-1290

  tick  Spectrophotometric Determination Of Furosemide Using Pyrogallol Reagent In Pharmaceutical Preparations - صفحه:1254-1264

  tick  Synthesis And Identification Of New 2-Substituted-1,3,4-Oxadiazole Compounds From Creatinine And Study Their Antioxidant Activities - صفحه:1216-1229

  tick  Synthesis, Anti-Cancer, And Molecular Docking Studies Of Alkyne Derivatives Bearing Imidazo Pyridine Moiety - صفحه:1310-1322

  tick  Synthesis, Characterization, And Antibacterial Activity Of Some New Oxazepine Derivatives - صفحه:1239-1245

  tick  Synthesis, Characterization, And Preliminary Evaluation Of Ferulic Acid Derivatives Containing Heterocyclic Moiety - صفحه:1444-1456

  tick  Synthesis, Structure, And In Vitro Cytotoxic Activity Of Two Organotin Complexes Of 2-[(2, 3-Dimethylphenyl) Amino] Benzoic Acid - صفحه:1230-1238

  tick  The Association Of Pain With Depression And Quality Of Sleep In Indonesian Cancer Patients - صفحه:1204-1215

  tick  The Combination Effects Of Honey And Nicotine On The Acid Production Of Oral Mutans Streptococci - صفحه:1410-1418

  tick  The Comparison Of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever Cases In Indonesia During The Covid-19 Pandemic - صفحه:1336-1343

  tick  The Effect Of Nanoparticles And Plant Growth Regulators On Germination Of Miaze Seeds: A Comparative Study - صفحه:1246-1253

  tick  The Role Of Oxidative Stress In Molar Pregnancy - صفحه:1383-1393

  tick  Transurethral Resection Of Prostate (Turp) Against Transurethral Incision Of Prostate (Tuip) In Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Management - صفحه:1426-1432

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