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   Journal Of Medicinal And Chemical Sciences   
سال:2023 - دوره:6 - شماره:4

  tick  A Comparative Study To Determine Ldh Enzyme Levels In Serum Samples Of Women With Breast Cancer And Women With Breast Cancer And Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus - صفحه:883-890

  tick  Anti-Atherosclerotic Effects Of Pioglitazon By Interference With Inflammatory And Stress Pathway In Male Rabbits - صفحه:746-754

  tick  Antibacterial Activity Of Bacteriocin - Isolated From Lactobacillus Spp. Against Some Pathogenic Bacteria - صفحه:702-709

  tick  Antibacterial And Anticorrosion Activity Evaluation Of New Polymaleimide Derived From Chalcone Derivative - صفحه:755-763

  tick  Antimicrobial And Antioxidant Activity Of Heterocyclic Compounds Derived From New Chalcones - صفحه:931-937

  tick  Association Of Bcl11a Gene Polymorphism In Human Cells Of Thalassemia Patient By Evaluation Of Amplification Refractory Mutation System (Arms) - صفحه:834-845

  tick  Biological Test Of Porous Geopolymer As A Bone Substitute - صفحه:710-719

  tick  Clinicopathological Analysis Of Odontogenic Cysts In Iraqi Population - صفحه:891-897

  tick  Design, Synthesis, Spectral Characterization, And Study Of Biological Effect Of Novel Azobenzen-P,P'-Di(2-Amine-1,3,4- Thiadiazol-5-Yl) Derivatives - صفحه:898-906

  tick  Estimation Of Irisin And Some Biochemical Parameters In Diabetes Mellitus Iraqi Patients - صفحه:809-815

  tick  Hepatotoxicity Of Polyethylene Glycol And Possible Protection Using Moringa Oleifera Leaves Extract (Mole) - صفحه:907-919

  tick  Investigation Of Biofilm Formation And Antibiotic Resistant Of Bacteria Isolated From Septic Neonates - صفحه:816-826

  tick  Isolation And Structure Elucidation Of Methylphenylindole Alkaloid From Crucianella Sintenisii Growing In Iran - صفحه:771-777

  tick  Mortality Rate Of Covid‐19 Patients In Intensive Care Unit: A Multicentre Retrospective Observational Study - صفحه:764-770

  tick  Phytochemical Analysis, Gcms Identification, And Estimation Of Antioxidant Activity Of Iraqi Vitex Negundo L. - صفحه:876-883

  tick  Preparation And Characterization Of New Hetrocyclic Azo Thiozal Dye Ligand And Its Use As A Reagent For Determination Of Zn+2 Ion In Drug By New Analytical Method - صفحه:857-867

  tick  Study Of Antimicrobial Activity Of Silver Nanoparticles Against Salmonella Typhi Infections In Vitro - صفحه:733-745

  tick  Synthesis And Biological Study Of Some Transition Metal Ions Complexes Of Schiff-Mannich Base Derived From 2-Amino-5-Mercpto-1,3,4 Thiadiazole - صفحه:789-802

  tick  Synthesis And Characterization Of Bis-Flavone Imine Derivatives - صفحه:868-875

  tick  Synthesis And Characterization Of Heterocyclic Compounds-Based Liquid Crystals - صفحه:827-833

  tick  Synthesis And Identification Of Some Metal Complexes Derived From Azo Ligand Of 4,4'-Methylenedianiline And 4-Bromoaniline And Antimicrobial Studies - صفحه:720-732

  tick  Synthesis, Characterization, And Investigation Of Mesogenic Properties Of Bis(2-Oxo-2h-Chromen-6-Yl)Terephthalate And Bis(2-Oxo-2h-Chromen-7-Yl)Terephthalate - صفحه:803-808

  tick  The Correlation Between Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus And Hypertension In Iraqi Patients - صفحه:778-788

  tick  The Study Of Bcl11a Gene In Patients With Beta-Thalassemia Major And Intermedia By Random Amplephed Polymorphism Dna In Iraq - صفحه:846-857

  tick  The Study Of The Physical And Chemical Properties Of Biopolymer Gel As A Drying Object - صفحه:920-930

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