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   Journal Of Medicinal And Chemical Sciences   
سال:2022 - دوره:5 - شماره:5

  tick  A Review Of Classical And Advanced Methodologies For Benzocoumarin Synthesis - صفحه:676-694

  tick  A Review On Dental Material With Regard To Biocompatibility Properties - صفحه:695-702

  tick  Analyzing The Relationship Between Obstetric Characteristics With Antenatal Depression - صفحه:848-856

  tick  Anticandidosic Activity And Acute Toxicity Of Quercus Suber L. Bark Extracts - صفحه:769-778

  tick  Asthma Recurrent In Children: Parental Knowledge Along With Medical Treatment - صفحه:667-675

  tick  Benzocoumarin Backbone Is A Multifunctional And Affordable Scaffold With A Vast Scope Of Biological Activities - صفحه:703-721

  tick  Burnout In Hospital And Pre-Hospital Emergency Departments: A Systematic Review Study - صفحه:820-830

  tick  Children With Disabilities: A Review On Medical Care And Social Supports - صفحه:857-865

  tick  Comparison Study Of Cloud Point And Solvent Extraction Of Copper By 3-Chloro-2,4-Pentanedione As Complexing Agent - صفحه:743-752

  tick  Depression And Anxiety As Mental Health Disorders That Affect Pregnancy: A Case Study In Surakarta, Indonesia - صفحه:866-873

  tick  Disturbances Of Lipid Profile, Hemoglobin And Serum Ferritin Levels In Thalassemia Patients In Misan City, Amara, Iraq - صفحه:779-786

  tick  Dysmenorrhea Among Female University Students During The Covid-19 Pandemic - صفحه:787-792

  tick  Intensive Care Unit Of Covid-19 During The Different Waves Of Outbreaks In Jahrom, South Of Iran - صفحه:734-742

  tick  Natural Products Catalog Of Allsweet Watermelon Seeds And Evaluation Of Their Novel Coumarins As Antimicrobial Candidates - صفحه:831-847

  tick  Preparation And Evaluation Of Etodolac Nanoemulsion - صفحه:760-768

  tick  Surveillance Of Multidrug-Resistant Iraqibacter Isolated From Patients With Urinary Tract Infection At A Baghdad Urology Center - صفحه:753-759

  tick  Synthesis And Evaluation Of New Coumarins As Antitumor And Antioxidant Applicants - صفحه:808-819

  tick  Synthesis, Adme Study, And Antimicrobial Evaluation Of Novel Naphthalene-Based Derivatives - صفحه:793-807

  tick  Watermelon Allsweet: A Promising Natural Source Of Bioactive Products - صفحه:652-666

  tick  Work Life Balance Of Health Care Workers During Covid-19 In India - صفحه:722-733

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