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   Journal Of Medicinal And Chemical Sciences   
سال:2022 - دوره:5 - شماره:3

  tick  Chlorpromazine-Hcl Determination Via Its Oxidation With Sodium Nitrite In Sulfanilic Acid Medium Via Cfia Technique Through Long Distance Chasing Photometer Nag-Adf-300-2 - صفحه:283-298

  tick  Coverage Analysis Of Complete Basic Immunization (Cbi) In Pekalongan District During Covid-19 Pandemic Period With Rapid Card Check Survey In Pandemic Era - صفحه:341-348

  tick  Epidemiological And Pharmacal Study Of Ankylosing Spondylitis In A Rheumatology Clinic In A Tertiary Health Care Center - صفحه:355-360

  tick  Histological And Immunhistochеmical Study On Thе Еffеcts Of Hypothyroidism On Sеminal Vеsiclе Of Adult Albino Rat And Possiblе Amеliorating Rolе Of Sеlеnium - صفحه:299-307

  tick  Identification Of Residual Traces Of Antibiotics In Food - صفحه:385-392

  tick  Internal Dynamics Of Self –Medication (Sm) - صفحه:321-334

  tick  Medical Comparison Of Two Different Doses Of Intravenous Ketorolac For Treating Of Acute Renal Colic: A Randomized Clinical Trial - صفحه:376-384

  tick  Medical Evaluation Of Mortality And Complications Of Thoracoscopic Surgery With The Help Of Primary Video In Patients With Thoracic Trauma With Stable Hemodynamics, 2019-2020 - صفحه:361-368

  tick  Medical Examination Of Ring Burn Injury Management; Mini Literature Review - صفحه:400-405

  tick  Pharmacological And Medical Effect Of Modified Skin Grafting Method In Patients With Chronic And Severe Neck Burns - صفحه:369-375

  tick  Solution For Root Canal Treatment Failure: Comparison Of Antibiofilm Between Aloe Vera Extracts And Chitosan Shrimp Shells Of The Formation Biofilm Enterococcus Faecalis - صفحه:393-399

  tick  Solvent-Free Synthesis And Antimicrobial Activity Of Dihydroquinazolinone Derivatives - صفحه:308-314

  tick  The Effect Of Drying Time Of Silane Coupling Agent On The Hardness Of Fiber-Reinforced Composite For Dental Applications - صفحه:335-340

  tick  The Role Of Modern Methods Of Dental Services In Reducing Oral Diseases Without The Need For Pharmaceutical Services - صفحه:349-354

  tick  Treatment Of Scaphoid Non-Union By Iliac Cancellous Bone - صفحه:315-320

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