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   Journal Of Medicinal And Chemical Sciences   
سال:2021 - دوره:4 - شماره:6

  tick  Antibacterial Activity Of Copper (Ii) Complexes Of Maleic Acid: Thermal Studies, And New Precursors For Preparation Of Cuo - صفحه:626-634

  tick  Classical Approaches And Their Creative Advances In The Synthesis Of Coumarins: A Brief Review - صفحه:612-625

  tick  Comparing The Inflammatory Markers Between Women With Eclampsia- Preeclampsia And Normotensive Pregnant Women In Gynecology - صفحه:571-578

  tick  Decoding Stress Of Doctors And Nursing Staff During Covid-19 In Leading Social Entrepreneur Sponsored Hospitals In Odisha - صفحه:603-611

  tick  Development Of Digital Competence Of Portable Telemedicine Complex Operators For Optimizing The Provision Of Medical Care - صفحه:593-601

  tick  Evaluation Of The Effect Of Gummy Candy On Postoperative Ileus And Its Complications - صفحه:579-585

  tick  Evaluation Of The Relationship Between Abo Blood Groups And Severity And Mortality In Patients With Covid-19 - صفحه:676-683

  tick  Histological Effects Of Monosodium Glutamate On Brain Of Infant Albino Swiss Mice Mus Musculus - صفحه:564-570

  tick  Interdisciplinary Approach In Remedial Work On Speech Development For Students With Disabilities - صفحه:546-552

  tick  Prevalence Of Cognitive Impairment And Its Associated Factors In Elderly Patients Under Chronic Hemodialysis Treatment - صفحه:646-659

  tick  Socialization-Individualization Of Preschool Children With Speech Disorders In Motor Activity - صفحه:538-545

  tick  Survey Rheumatic Diseases In Ilam Province, Iran (2018-2019) - صفحه:586-592

  tick  Synthesis And Sar Of Imidazo[1,2-A] Pyridinyl-Phenylacrylonitrile Derivatives As Potent Anticandidosis Agents - صفحه:554-563

  tick  The Impact Of Drug On Heart Problems In Children With A Family-Centered Care Approach - صفحه:660-674

  tick  The Role Of Inflammatory Biomarkers In Predicting In-Stent Restenosis - صفحه:635-645

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