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   Iranian Evolutionary And Educational Psychology   
سال:2022 - دوره:4 - شماره:2

  tick  Academic Grit, Academic Flow And Academic Thriving: Mediating Role Of Adaptive Coping Style - صفحه:244-255

  tick  Efl Teachers’ Resilience Prediction Based On Academic Self-Efficacy, Problem Solving Skills, And Metacognitive Skills - صفحه:228-243

  tick  Evaluation Of Locus-Of-Hope Scale Psychometric Properties In Iranian Students - صفحه:204-212

  tick  Factors And Indicators Of Creating Happiness In High School Academic Environment - صفحه:191-203

  tick  Future Study Of Psychological Factors Affecting Youth Marriage In 2040: An Iranian Development Perspective - صفحه:364-376

  tick  Personality Traits, Implicit Theories Of Intelligence And Academic Performance: Mediating Role Of Adaptability - صفحه:311-320

  tick  Predicting Marital Conflicts Based On Dysfunctional Attitudes Mediated By Emotion Regulation - صفحه:352-363

  tick  Relationship Between Parents' Educational Expectations And Academic Self-Efficacy Mediated By Achievement Goals, Task Value And Parental Involvement In Education - صفحه:213-227

  tick  Relationship Between Sex Roles And Marital Instability: The Moderating Role Of Orientation In The Sexual Relationship Among Women - صفحه:277-289

  tick  Relationships Of Attachment Styles And Academic Resilience In Students: The Mediating Role Of Identity Styles - صفحه:290-299

  tick  Structural Model Of Self-Satisfaction Based On Identity And Social Justice In Graduate Students (Case Study: Students And Graduates Of Master And Phd Students Of Tehran Universities) - صفحه:300-310

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Cognitive-Behavioral Training On Emotion Regulation And High-Risk Behaviors In High School Students - صفحه:388-397

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Cognitive-Metacognitive Strategies Based On Brain-Based Training Approach On The Creativity In Sixth Grade Male Students - صفحه:267-276

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Group Hope Training On Academic Engagement And Social Adjustment In Female High School Students - صفحه:256-266

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Group Resiliency Training On Aggression And Academic Adjustment In Elementary Students - صفحه:331-340

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Positive Thinking Skills Training On Distress Tolerance And Quality Of Life In Mothers Of Students With Special Learning Disorders - صفحه:377-387

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Positive Thinking Training On Mental Toughness And Social Well-Being In Derelict Adolescents - صفحه:398-409

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Resiliency Training On Psychological Cohesion And Flourishing In Elementary Students - صفحه:341-351

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Working Memory Training On Planning And Executive Functions In Children With Learning Disabilities - صفحه:321-330

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