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   Iranian Evolutionary And Educational Psychology   
سال:2022 - دوره:4 - شماره:3

  tick  A Comparative Study Of Academic Resilience, Academic Self-Efficacy And Social Skills In Students With Divorced And Normal Parents - صفحه:634-644

  tick  An Inquiry On The Relationship Between Self-Regulated Learning, Vocabulary Learning And Retention Among Iranian Efl Learners - صفحه:492-503

  tick  Comparing Of Pathology And Family Integration Within Process And Content Model In High And Low Resilience Families - صفحه:441-449

  tick  Comparing The Effectiveness Of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy And Acceptance And Commitment Therapy On Pain Complaint Behavior And Pain Self-Efficacy In Patients With Chronic Back Pain In Tehran - صفحه:464-477

  tick  Comparison Of Personality And Psychological Characteristics In Successful And Unsuccessful Organ Transplant Patients - صفحه:625-633

  tick  Effectiveness Of A School-Based Body Image Intervention On Eating Problems And Self-Esteem In Female Adolescents With Eating Disorders - صفحه:450-463

  tick  Effectiveness Of Cognitive-Behavioral Couple Therapy Based On Happiness In The Social Well-Being And Sexual Performance Of Couples - صفحه:573-583

  tick  Effectiveness Of Cooperative Learning On Math Anxiety, Academic Motivation And Academic Buoyancy In High School Students - صفحه:410-421

  tick  Electronic Social Networks And Social Constructive Learning: Designing And Verifying The Application Of Virtual Social Networks In Collegiate Face To Face Education - صفحه:536-553

  tick  Enhancing The Academic Self-Efficacy And Social Competency In Elementary School Students: The Use Of Brainstorming Instuction In Social Studies - صفحه:616-624

  tick  Impact Of Identity Style On Teachers' Academic Optimism Through Mediating Role Self-Management Strategies - صفحه:504-515

  tick  Investigating The Efficacy Of The Game On Improving Visual Attention And Spelling Performance Of Students With Special Learning Disabilities - صفحه:478-491

  tick  Investigating The Relationship Between Self-Regulation And Self-Control In Adolescents With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - صفحه:432-440

  tick  Metacognitive Strategies Awareness And Use And Reading Comprehension Of Iranian Efl University Students: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach - صفحه:516-535

  tick  Social Support, Empathy And Academic Engagement: A Mediational Study - صفحه:422-431

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Empathy Training On Academic Adjustment And Social Happiness In Elementary Students - صفحه:606-615

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Encouragement Training In Academic Anxiety And Sense Of Belonging To School In Students - صفحه:584-593

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Music Training On Cognitive Flexibility, Empathy And Aggression In Adolescents - صفحه:594-605

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Psychological Empowerment Intervention On Personal Growth Initiative And Marital Boredom In Divorce-Asking Women - صفحه:564-572

  tick  The Structural Relationships Between Romantic Jealousy , Marital Stability And Marital Satisfaction Mediated By Marital Control And Emotional Expression: An Evolutionary Perspective - صفحه:554-563

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