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   Advanced Journal Of Chemistry-Section A   
سال:2020 - دوره:3 - شماره:3

  tick  A Highly Selective Complexometric Determination Of Mercury (Ii) Using L-Tyrosine As A Masking Agent - صفحه:283-288

  tick  Comparative Studies Of Nutritional, Microbial And Organoleptic Properties Of Different Indigenous Dried Fish From Local Market In Bangladesh - صفحه:318-327

  tick  Development And Validation Of Vierordt’S And AbsorbanceRatio Spectrophotometric Methods For SimultaneousEstimation Of Aspirin And Omeprazole In Their Binary Mixture - صفحه:328-335

  tick  Effect Of Insulation Layer Composite And Water Adsorption On Bonding Performance In Heat Barriers - صفحه:370-377

  tick  Effective Removal Of Cd(Ii) And Pb(Ii) From Aqueous Solution By Synthesized Palladium Nanoparticles Using Spent Pdcl2 Catalyst: Experimental Design And Optimization - صفحه:289-300

  tick  Heavy Metal Release From Industrial Solid Wastes (Case Study: Khazar Steel Smelting Plant) - صفحه:336-342

  tick  Mobilization And Distribution Of Arsenic With Other Metal Ions At Upstream And Downstream Of River Meghna - صفحه:358-369

  tick  Optimization Of Important Factors On The Adsorption Of Methyl Violet By Modified Palm Fiber Using Experimental Design Method - صفحه:237-254

  tick  Oxidation Of Propane-1,3-Diol (Non-Vicinal) By Potassium Permanganate In Aqueous Medium, A Kinetic Study - صفحه:343-349

  tick  Physico-Chemical Properties Of Ordinary Portland Cement Pastes After Partial Substitution Of Gypsum With Thermally Treatment Phosphogypsum - صفحه:301-317

  tick  Polygalacturonase Production By Aspergillus Niger Solid State Fermentation On Barley Bran And Sugar Beet Pulp Mixture - صفحه:350-357

  tick  Propylene Oxide−Ethylene Oxide Block Polymer As A Surfactant For Cloud Point Extraction Of Some Metal Ions - صفحه:259-264

  tick  Proton Transfer Reaction In Water: Hydronium Ion Formation - صفحه:255-258

  tick  Structural Properties And Cation Distribution In Co^2+ And Ho^3+ Ions Induced Nanocrystalline Znfe2o4 - صفحه:265-273

  tick  Synthesis, Characterization And Biological Activity Of Schiff Bases Based On Chitosan And Acetophenone Derivatives - صفحه:274-282

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