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   study on microbiological quality of rural and urban drinking water in distribution systems of ijroud, zanjan in 2013-2015  
نویسنده mohammadian fazli mehran ,tohidloo zahra ,hosseinloo masoud
منبع journal of human, environment and health promotion - 2017 - دوره : 3 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:47 -53
چکیده    background: providing safe drinking water has critical importance to human societies. the aim of this study was to investigate microbiological quality of drinking water in distribution system of urban and rural regions of ijroud, in zanjan province. methods: in present descriptive study, the microbiological examination of drinking water was conducted in 15 facilities with 401 samples. transportation and test procedures were according to standard methods for the examination of water and wastewater. results: total number of microbial samples were 401 and 66.66% of them were positive for total and fecal coliforms. also, water of 10 villages were not suitable for drinking with respecting to national standards. in addition, samples of only 5 villages were suitable for human consumption. the range of fecal coliforms in distribution networks' samples were from 4 to 75 mpn/100 ml. conclusion: this study showed that as microbiological aspect, drinking water is not potable in some rural communities. the consumption of drinking water in this distribution networks can threaten the health of consumers, thus, the water supply organizations have to improve operation and maintenance measurements due to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.
کلیدواژه drinking water ,microbiological quality ,ijroud ,zanjan
آدرس zanjan university of medical sciences, school of public health, department of environmental health engineering, ایران, health center of ijroud town, environmental health sector, ایران, zanjan university of medical sciences, school of medicine, department of emergency medicine, ایران

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