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   application of geospatial information system for the study of illuminance in carpet weaving workshops in bokan, iran  
نویسنده majidi faramarz ,mohammadi jamshid ,khosravi younes ,abasi fatah
منبع journal of human, environment and health promotion - 2015 - دوره : 1 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:12 -18
چکیده    background: carpet weaving is an occupation that requires sufficient and appropriate lighting. the lighting in carpet weaving workshops affects the productivity and the physical and mental health of workers. therefore, the evaluation of the illumination and the identification of work stations requiring lighting modifications will be helpful in promotion of the health and safety of workers in carpet weaving workshops. methods: this study was carried out for the evaluation of illumination on the basis of geospatial information system (gis) technology in two carpet weaving workshops of bokan city. as per the norms of illumination engineering society, the sensors of the photometer testo 545 were placed at lowest and highest of 35 and 163 cm in workshop i, and at 40 and 245 cm in workshop ii, which correspond to the lowest and highest work surfaces in the respective workshops. total, natural, and artificial illuminance was measured in the center of each measurement station using the photometer, and data was analyzed using the arc gis software. the maximum and minimum illuminances as well as isolux curves were obtained for each workshop. results: the illuminance in workshops i and ii were found to be lower and higher, respectively, than 200 lux, which is considered the standard for carpet weaving workshops. thus, improving the artificial lighting system or redesigning it is essential for ensuring that the standard conditions of illuminance (200–300 lux) are provided. discussion: this study showed that the application of gis technology renders the assessment of illumination in carpet weaving workshops possible. this assessment method could also prove useful for determining the exact stations in the carpet weaving workshops that need modifications, thereby leading to cost reduction.
کلیدواژه carpet weaving ,lighting ,illuminance ,isolux curve ,gis
آدرس zanjan university of medical sciences, department of occupational health, ایران, zanjan university of medical sciences, department of medical entomology, ایران, university of zanjan, faculty of science, department of environmental science, ایران, zanjan university of medical sciences, department of occupational health, ایران

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