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   Journal Of Advanced Sport Technology   
سال:2021 - دوره:5 - شماره:1

  tick  Design And Fabrication Of An Intelligent System To Control Use Of Water Shower And Chlorine Pond By Swimmers In Pools According To The Hygiene Protocols - صفحه:130-138

  tick  Designing The Magnetic Stationary Bike With Simultaneous Different Workloads For Each Foot - صفحه:81-88

  tick  Developing Special Badminton Agility Test And Evaluating Its Convergence With Standardized Agility Tests In Trained Young Men - صفحه:74-80

  tick  Effects Of Trunk And Foot Positions On Electromyographic Activity And Co-Contraction Of Selected Lower Extremity Muscles During Leg-Press Resistance Training - صفحه:17-26

  tick  Investigation Of Sports Spaces With Passive Defense Approach In Ardabil City - صفحه:47-61

  tick  Qualitative Analysis Of Factors Relating To The Application Of Var Technology In The Development Of Iran Football Premier League Competitions - صفحه:89-104

  tick  Relationship Between Temporal Variables And Rate Of Force Development During Block Jump Skill In Junior Volleyball Players - صفحه:27-35

  tick  The Effect Of Dyad Training On The Learning Of Layup Shot In Basketball - صفحه:105-112

  tick  The Effect Of Inertia And Initial Body Posture On Lower Extremity Kinetics And Trunk Muscle Activity In Lifting - صفحه:113-129

  tick  The Effect Of Textured Insole And Taping On Job Performance And Work Ethic In Physical Education Teachers With Non-Specific Chronic Low Back Pain - صفحه:36-46

  tick  Ultra-Local Model Control Of Parkinson'S Patients Based On Machine Learning - صفحه:1-16

  tick  Validity And Reliability Of “Chaboki Afza” Researcher Made Instrument - صفحه:62-72

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