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   Journal Of Advanced Sport Technology   
سال:2020 - دوره:4 - شماره:1

  tick  Effect Of Novel Cryotherapy Method On Frequency Spectrum Of Lower Limb Muscles During Running And Walking - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Effects Of School Sports Spaces On Electromyography Activity Of Lower Limb And Erector Spinae Muscles During Running In Students - صفحه:52-60

  tick  Employing Eye Tracking In Quantifying And Qualifying Visual Attention Of Web Site Viewers (Physical Education Faculties) - صفحه:9-19

  tick  Interactive Effects Of Endurance Swimming And Curcumin Supplementation On Serum Levels Of Liver Alkaline Phosphatase In Male Rats Following Ethanol Abuse - صفحه:30-36

  tick  Internal Consistency Of Two Testing Modalities For Barbell Velocity And Power During The Back Squat - صفحه:114-123

  tick  Reliability Of Body Landmark Analyzer (Bla) System For Measuring Hyperkyphosis And Hyperlordosis Abnormalities - صفحه:20-29

  tick  The Effect Of 8-Weeks Of Combined Exercise With Consuming Methadone On Liver Enzymes Levels In Withdrawal Addiction Females - صفحه:105-113

  tick  The Effect Of A Water-Based Training Program On Pain, Range Of Motion And Joint Position Sense In Elite Female Swimmers With Impingement Syndrome - صفحه:72-81

  tick  The Effect Of Ankle Kinesio Taping On Ground Reaction Force Components In Individual With Ankle Sprain During Walking - صفحه:82-91

  tick  The Effect Of Rhythmic Auditory Cue On The Lower Limb Muscle Activity During Cycling In The Elderly Subjects - صفحه:92-104

  tick  The Influence Of Aqua Aerobic Exercise On Cardiac Autonomic Function And Blood Pressure In College Male Students - صفحه:37-51

  tick  The Spatiotemporal Parameters Of Stair Locomotion In Individuals With Congenital Sight Loss And Full-Sight - صفحه:61-71

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