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   Designing Smart Model in Volleyball Talent Identification Via Fuzzy Logic Based on Main and Weighted Criteria Resulted From the Analytic Hierarchy Process  
نویسنده Noori Mohammadhossein ,Sadegh Heydar
منبع Journal Of Advanced Sport Technology - 2017 - دوره : 1 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:16 -24
چکیده    Introduction: administration of proper tools and scientific approaches in sport talent identification will lead to rapid detection of sport talents for championships. these methods may prolong the duration of athletic success as well as providing their maximum efficacy in worldwide competitions. the investigations in this field are mostly based on defining effective parameters in talent identification or determining the norms of elite players. objectives: the aim of this study is designing a smart model in volleyball talent identification based on main and weighted criteria resulted from analytic hierarchy process of anthropometrical, biomechanical, psychological, physiological and technical variables based on fuzzy logic. methods: in this investigation, important criteria were selected via analytic hierarchy process of anthropometrical, biomechanical, psychological, physiological and technical variables. the norms of the elite volleyball players in the range of 14-16 years old in these variables were used throughout this study (as the comparison index). thereafter, a smart model was designed based on fuzzy logic using matlab software. results: the 14-16 years old volleyball player record in the previously mentioned variables were consider as input data after comparing these records with the norms of elites, the players were categorized into different groups (output): unmatched, semi-matched, matched, brilliant and rare. discussion and conclusion: the parameters including height and upper extremity length (anthropometrics), agility and power (biomechanics), self-confidence and motivation (psychology), special endurance (aerobic and anaerobic; physiology), spike and serve (techniques) were shown to be the main and weighted criteria by analytic hierarchy process. our smart model analyzed these variables in comparison with elite norms and made a specific result of player’s talents. this model of talent identification could be a reliable and useful method for selection of future volleyball stars in young population.
کلیدواژه Smart Model ,Volleyball ,Talent Identification ,Fuzzy Logic ,Analytic Hierarchy Process
آدرس Kharazmi University, ایران, Kharazmi University, ایران
پست الکترونیکی a_meamarbashi@yahoo.com

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