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   International Journal Of Multicultural And Multireligious Understanding   
سال:2019 - دوره:6 - شماره:1

  tick  Addooyyee: Girl’S Indigenous Friendship Institution In Oromoo Ethiopia - صفحه:307-319

  tick  Adolescents Antisocial Behavior And Their Academic Performance: The Case Of High Schools In Jimma Town - صفحه:110-122

  tick  Analysis Of Mathematical Calculation Skill On Slow Learning Students In Inclusive School - صفحه:79-82

  tick  Anthropometry Factors And Physical Dominan Conditions In Futsal Playing Capabilities - صفحه:395-399

  tick  Broadcaster’S Code Switching In Musik Aktifitas Program At Radio Suara Kancanta 1003 Fm Labuhan Haji Lombok Timur Ntb Indonesia - صفحه:200-208

  tick  Cognitive Level Profile In Solving Mathematics Problem At Ten Grade Of Senior High School Students With Low Ability - صفحه:255-263

  tick  Creditor Rights On Rejection Of Execution Request For Guarantee Rights By State And Auction Private - صفحه:25-32

  tick  Dating The Surah Al-Layl - صفحه:373-384

  tick  Development Of Dribbling And Shooting Exercise Models In Futsal Sports Development Study Of Pok Futsal Achievement Training In Sebelas Maret University - صفحه:346-354

  tick  Development Of Video Modelling Of Freestyle Swimming In High School Physical Education - صفحه:332-345

  tick  Effect Of Entrepreneurial Orientation Interest And Training On The Success Of Start-Up Business In The “Ok Oce” Program In Cipayung District Of East Jakarta Administrative City - صفحه:159-172

  tick  Effect Of Perceived Ease Of Use Word-Of-Mouth Communication And Brand Image On Decision To Use Lazada E-Commerce Services - صفحه:173-186

  tick  Financial Feasibility Of Nutmeg Cultivation With The Application Of Integrated Pest Management Technology - صفحه:430-439

  tick  Getting Rid Of The Stereotypes Toward Women Among Javanese Society In The Novel Entrokby Okky Madasari - صفحه:220-331

  tick  Impact Of Leverage And Firm Size On Earnings Management In Indonesia - صفحه:19-24

  tick  Improving Students Speaking Ability Through Debate In The Classroom A Case Study For Students At Second Years Students’S Of Sman 3 Kota Bima In Academic Year 2017/2018 - صفحه:229-239

  tick  Kalwedo Culture In The Traditional Marriage Of The Southwest Moluccas Community - صفحه:367-372

  tick  Knowledge Level Of Agricultural Extension Agent And Farmers’ To Response The Climate Change In Pringsewu Distric Lampung Province Indonesia - صفحه:423-429

  tick  Marketing Strategy On The Project Planning Of Retail Business For Garage Shop - صفحه:217-228

  tick  Notary’S Responsibility After The Transfer Of The Place Of Work To The Completeness Of The Notary Protocol In West Sumatra - صفحه:278-291

  tick  Preparation Of Innovation Besuk Kiamat Population And Civil Registration Office Surakarta City - صفحه:249-254

  tick  Remoh Madura In Cultural Communication Perspective - صفحه:400-408

  tick  Role Of Corporate Governance In Increasing The Value Relevance Of Earning And Fair Value Measurement Of Non-Financial Asset In Indonesia Company - صفحه:91-100

  tick  Role Of Parents To Train The Independence Of Students With Visual Impairment In Activity Of Daily Living Skill - صفحه:83-90

  tick  Role Of Posyandu As Primary Health Care Services In Implementing Early Detection And Intervention For Autistic Children In Indonesia - صفحه:101-109

  tick  Role Of Teachers Class As A Motivator And Guidance Students In Education Of Discipline Character Through Movement Of School Literation According To Nawacita In Elementary School Of Gabus 01 Pati 2017/2018 Academic Year - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Social Accountability Process Of Islamic Boarding School: Case Study Of Sidogiri Pasuruan Islamic Boarding School - صفحه:134-158

  tick  Social Skills Of Students With Disabilities At Elementary Level In Inclusive School Setting - صفحه:52-59

  tick  Sport Infrastructure For Physical Education In Senior High School - صفحه:66-70

  tick  Sports Development In Karanganyar Regency Indonesia In Terms Of Sports Development Index Evaluation Study On Open Space Human Resources Sports Participation And Physical Fitness For The People In Karanganyar Regency - صفحه:209-216

  tick  Studying The Common Themes Of Two Surahs Of Shu’Ara And Qisas In Terms Of Identical Huruf Muqatta’Eh - صفحه:440-456

  tick  Supply Side Studies That Affect Educated Unemployed In Central Java Indonesia - صفحه:240-248

  tick  Teachers’ Knowledge And Understanding Toward Learningfriendly Education For Children With Disabilities In Inclusive School - صفحه:60-65

  tick  The Authority Of The Regional Supervisory Board On The Notary Protocol Whose Term Of Office Has Expired - صفحه:264-277

  tick  The Communal Land Ownership Conflict Between Lewobunga And Lewonara Villages East Nusa Tenggara Indonesia - صفحه:123-133

  tick  The Determinants Of Delay In Publication Of Financial Statement - صفحه:9-18

  tick  The Determinants Of The Effectiveness Of Internal Audits With Management Support As The Moderating Variable - صفحه:33-51

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Diabetic Gymnastic Program Evaluation In Imron Medika Primary Clinic Using Cipp Context Input Process Product - صفحه:409-413

  tick  The Effectiveness Of Holistic Marketing And Word-Of-Mouth Communication On Purchasing Decision At Pt Asuransi Central Asia Branch Office Of Tiang Bendera West Jakarta - صفحه:187-199

  tick  The Rights Of Each Wife In The Division Of Community Property In Polygamous Marriage According To Law Number 1 Of 1974 Concerning Marriage - صفحه:355-366

  tick  The Role Of The Notary Regional Supervisory Board In Preventing Legal Violations Committed By Notaries In Padang City - صفحه:292-306

  tick  Transfer Of Regional Government Stock In Pt Indotan Lombok Barat Bankit Through Sircular Shareholder General Meeting - صفحه:385-394

  tick  Why Do They Work In Laos A Case Of Indonesian Workers In Laos Mining Companies - صفحه:414-422

  tick  “Mystical Mysteries Mandhasiya” Tradition And Exotism Hindu Hindu Heritage Ceremony - صفحه:71-78

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