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   International Journal Of Multicultural And Multireligious Understanding   
سال:2018 - دوره:5 - شماره:6

  tick  A Disclose The Competence Of Auditors Relationship With Partners In A Audit Quality - صفحه:108-118

  tick  Agroterrorism; Iranian Criminal Policy - صفحه:232-242

  tick  Analysis Of Education Financing Management Multi Case In Smpn 1 And Smpn 3 Pringgabaya - صفحه:206-212

  tick  Ciibsaa: Maccaa Oromo Indigenous Soil Fertilizing Mechanism In East Wallagga Zone Ethiopia - صفحه:182-189

  tick  Design Of Teaching And Learning Materials Based On The Values Of Local Heroic Struggle In Sukoharjo - صفحه:28-33

  tick  Determinant Of System Use And Its Effect On The Performance Of Government Organizations - صفحه:41-51

  tick  Development Of Interactive Multimedia In Learning Islamic Education - صفحه:9-15

  tick  Differences Effect Of Direct And Indirect Learning Methods On Increasing Triple Jump Capability In Male Students Of Xi Students Of Sma Negeri I Polokarto Sukoharjo - صفحه:128-135

  tick  Differences In Sd N Joyontakan No 59 And Sd N Cemara Dua Surakarta In Application Of Online Ips Test Classmarker - صفحه:34-40

  tick  Effect Of Remuneration Work Discipline Motivation On Performance - صفحه:136-150

  tick  Identification Of Priority Food Potential In Pidie District - صفحه:119-127

  tick  Influence Of Parenting Style And Gender Perspective In Youth Sport Talent - صفحه:151-165

  tick  Leader'S Influence And Communication Styles On The Culture Of Innovation In Fifgroup - صفحه:190-196

  tick  Limitation On Maximum Differences In Dispute Settlement Results Of Regional Head Selection In The Constitutional Court - صفحه:223-231

  tick  Nationalism Values Of Characters In Nh Dini’S Novels - صفحه:93-100

  tick  Perceptions Of Students And Teachers Toward Guidance And Counseling Services In South West Ethiopia Secondary Schools - صفحه:81-92

  tick  Power Of Social Class And Its Impact To Language Use - صفحه:166-171

  tick  Problems With Implementing Diversity Efforts At The Prosecution Stage Case Study At The South Coast Prosecutor'S Office - صفحه:243-249

  tick  Professional Identity Representation In A Successful Intercultural Communication: A Socio-Cognitive Perspective - صفحه:101-107

  tick  Purchase Behaviour Determinants On Online Mobile Game In Indonesia - صفحه:16-27

  tick  Self-Discipline Factors Based On Islam Training Thought - صفحه:250-263

  tick  Semantics Of Verse In The Qur'An In The Light Of The Syntagmatic And Paradigmatic Relations - صفحه:264-280

  tick  Social Studies Education In Elementary Schools Through Contextual Reactbased On Environment And Sociopreneur - صفحه:52-61

  tick  Students’ Perceptions Of Ethnic And Multicultural Centers - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Symptoms And Underlying Factors Of Psychological Distress Among Inmates In Bonga Town Correctional Center Kaffa Zone Snnpr Ethiopia - صفحه:197-205

  tick  The Adherence Form Of Linguistic Politeness In Learning Indonesian For Foreign Speakers - صفحه:73-80

  tick  The Correlation Of Perceived Discrimination And Psychological Wellbeing Among The Manjo Ethnic Minority In Kaffa Zone Ethiopia - صفحه:62-72

  tick  The Relationship Between Technology Usage And Marital Conflicts Among Young Married Couples In Jimma Town - صفحه:172-181

  tick  Tolerance Representation In The Historical Textbooks - صفحه:213-222

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