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   International Journal Of Multicultural And Multireligious Understanding   
سال:2018 - دوره:5 - شماره:5

  tick  An Investigation Of Writing Strategies Used By The Students On The Perspective Language Proficiency And Gender - صفحه:185-190

  tick  Analysis Of Interaction Jigsaw Learning Process On Geometry Material - صفحه:75-79

  tick  Analysis Of The History Learning Model Based On The Great Mosque Nur Sulaiman Banyumas In Sma Negeri Baturraden - صفحه:173-178

  tick  Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Level And Associated Factors Among Hiv/Aids Patients In Jimma Zone Government Health Facilities, Art Clinics, South-West Ethiopia - صفحه:331-341

  tick  Benefits Recreational Sports Of Mountain Climbing For Physical Health, Psychology, Social, And Spiritual - صفحه:43-48

  tick  Biological Basis Of Language: A Case Study Of Ameera’S Biological And Language Development - صفحه:164-172

  tick  Calisthenics Activity As Urban Society Culture Of Lampung, Indonesia: In Terms Of Expectations, Appreciation, And Public Perception Of Calisthenics Activity In Street Workout Lampung Community - صفحه:33-42

  tick  Campus Physical Environment Accessibility For Person With Disabilities In The Ethiopian Public Universities - صفحه:286-302

  tick  Career Women As A Role Model In The Formation Of Morals - صفحه:225-264

  tick  Causal Factors Of Judicial Decisions Disparity On Cases Of Violence Against Children - صفحه:130-135

  tick  Code-Mixing In Novel Anak Rantau By Ahmad Fuadi - صفحه:324-330

  tick  Communication Strategies Used By The Students On The Perspective Of Language Proficiency - صفحه:21-32

  tick  Cultural Identity Post-Conflict: Crisis Of Madurese Culture Identity In Sampit Central Borneo After 2001 Ethnic Conflict - صفحه:303-311

  tick  Dance Ranup Lampuan: Exploration Genius Aceh Movement And Expression Female Body Beauty Values In Culture Peumulia Jamee - صفحه:146-155

  tick  Design Of Integrated Skills Materials For Islamic School - صفحه:1-10

  tick  Developing Formative Evaluation Model To Improve Students' Learning Outcome At Vocational High Schools - صفحه:87-98

  tick  Effect Of Aerobic And Anaerobic Interval Training On Oxidative Stress - صفحه:58-64

  tick  Geographic Segment Disclosure In Indonesia - صفحه:265-272

  tick  Historical Education In The Process Of Nation Character Building Of Indonesia - صفحه:312-316

  tick  Identification Of Classroom Physical Environmental For Wheelchair Users In Inclusive Schools - صفحه:273-278

  tick  Importance Performance Analysis (Ipa) In Police Service: A Case Study In Wonogiri Police Precinct - صفحه:241-248

  tick  Increasing Students’ Achievement On Simple Two-Dimensional Figure Materials Through Students Stad For Third Graders Of Elementary School - صفحه:80-86

  tick  Influences Of Product Attribute And Event Marketing Toward Customers’ Behavior In Buying A Car Toyota New Yaris - صفحه:279-285

  tick  Inquiring Language Awareness Of Tefl Master Students In Advanced Grammar Exams - صفحه:65-74

  tick  Intertextuality And Interdiscursivity In Facebook Users Comments On Kompas.Com News Update Under The Topic Of Paris Tragedy - صفحه:191-205

  tick  Living Together In The European Union? - صفحه:212-223

  tick  Living With Vesico-Vaginal Fistula At Jimma University Medical Centre: A Phenomenological Study - صفحه:342-356

  tick  Module Development Of Introduction Accounting Based On Problem Solving - صفحه:99-107

  tick  Multilingual Ability As Driving Force Behind Global Citizenship: A Preliminary Overview From East Asia - صفحه:206-211

  tick  Parenting: Tablighi Jamaat Point Of View - صفحه:156-163

  tick  Reconstruction Of Serat Panitisastra Values In Learning History Class Xi Sma Surakarata - صفحه:136-145

  tick  Reflection Of Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation: Community Engagement In Sustainability Aspects - صفحه:357-365

  tick  Result Of Government Public Policies Related To Development Of Sports In The Metro City Based On The Sport Development Index - صفحه:49-57

  tick  Strengthening Students' Historical Awareness In History Learning In High School Through Inquiry Method - صفحه:249-254

  tick  Students’ Thinking Processes In Solving Linear Equations And Inequalities One Variable Problems In Terms Of Personal Style Using The Assimilation And Accommodation Framework - صفحه:123-129

  tick  Sustainability Of Sport-Specific Class In Senior High School - صفحه:317-323

  tick  Teachers Perception On The Development Of Mathematics Teaching Materials On Social Arithmetic Based On Guided Inaquiry For Deaf Students Of Class X At Slb Budi Mulia - صفحه:366-370

  tick  Teaching In Rural Indonesian Schools: Teachers’ Challenges - صفحه:11-20

  tick  Translation Quality On Words Containing Spelling, Punctuation And Grammaticalerror - صفحه:224-240

  tick  Values Of Piil Pesenggiri: Morality, Religiosity, Solidarity, And Tolerance - صفحه:179-184

  tick  Visitors From Other Cultures: Views Of Muslim Overseas Students In Britain - صفحه:108-122

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