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   the effectiveness of non-governmental organizations in promoting the awareness of hypertension and self-control management measures of families  
نویسنده sadeghi-bazargani homayoun ,safiri saeid ,farahbakhsh mostafa ,habibzadeh shahram ,nikniaz alireza ,kousha ahmad ,jayasinghe harshani ,yousefi alieh
منبع journal of archives in military medicine - 2015 - دوره : 3 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:1 -0
چکیده    background]despite the known risks of having high blood pressure, there is still a high prevalence of undiagnosed hypertension cases in society. a number of suggestions have been put forth over the years to counteract this issue. one suggestion was implementing a screening program; however, there was a high cost as well as a fear of low accessibility from lower socioeconomic classes. alternatively, there has been a suggestion to raise the degree of awareness about the risks of having high blood pressure.[objectives]the aim of this study was to determine the effectiveness of using nongovernmental organizations (ngos) to promote awareness of hypertension and selfcontrol management methods in families in ardabil, iran.[patients and methods]in 2007, a quasiexperimental study was completed with the collaboration of local volunteers in ardabil. a total of 84 volunteers and 121 patients with hypertension were included in the study. educational workshops were held for the volunteers by the ngo (saman) and patients were educated by the volunteers. thereafter, both groups were assessed for awareness by using selfadministered questionnaires. the data was then statistically analyzed by paired ttest.[results]approximately half of the volunteers aged between 21 and 30 years, 94% of them were female and 68% of this cohort was single at the time of the study. approximately 46% of the volunteers had an education level equivalent to a diploma. pairedsamples t test revealed that there was a statistically significant difference (p lt; 0.05) between the scores of awareness before and after education in both groups.[conclusions]holding workshops by ngos to train volunteers on hypertension is a helpful method to increase awareness about hypertension and control measures in patients with high blood pressure.
کلیدواژه organizations ,education ,hypertension ,volunteers ,iran
آدرس tabriz university of medical sciences, road traffic injury research center, department of statistics and epidemiology, iran, maragheh university of medical sciences, school of nursing and midwifery, department of public health, iran, tabriz university of medical sciences, clinical psychiatry research center, razi hospital, iran, ardabil university of medical sciences, imam khomeini hospital, department of infectious disease, iran, tabriz university of medical sciences, national public health management center, iran, tabriz university of medical sciences, department of health education and promotion, iran, university of adelaide, basil hetzel institute for translational health research, queen elizabeth hospital, clinical practice unit, australia, ardabil university of medical sciences, imam khomeini hospital, department of infectious disease, iran

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