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   effect of temperament on propensity to circumstantiality of color and potential application in military personnel  
نویسنده zarghami esmaeil ,dadras faezeh ,hoseini yekta nafiseh
منبع journal of archives in military medicine - 2017 - دوره : 5 - شماره : 4 - صفحه:1 -6
چکیده    background: people with various mental and physical features show different favorites to colors. the relationship between individual features of humans and their propensities to circumstantiality of color have been evaluated in psychological discussions. according to the generality of concept of temperament and covering physical and mental features of people, it seems that a significant relationship can be obtained between temperamental difference of people and their propensities to circumstantiality of color. methods: temperaments of 100 visitors to traditional medicine clinics at tehran university were identified by the method of doctor checkup and temperament-assessment questionnaire. their propensities to 3 components of coldness and warmth of colors, light and darkness of color, and contrast or uniformity in the arrangement of colors next to each other in both fields of colors selection and spaces selection with different tonality were obtained by the questionnaire of assessment of temperament results: in total, 100 responders with an average age of 27 years old, 42% male, and 57% female completed the questionnaire. wet temperaments have more propensity to light colors (significant difference: p = 0.001) and also spaces with light tonality than dry temperaments (significant difference: p = 0.008). warm temperaments have a higher interest to warm colors than cold temperaments (significant difference: p = 0.019); however, they prefer spaces with cold tonality (significant difference: p = 0.002). there was no significant relationship between temperamental groups and propensity to spaces with arrangement of harmonious or opposite colors beside each other. conclusions: there is a significant relationship between temperamental differences of people and their propensity to circumstantiality of color. wetness or dryness of temperament is effective on circumstantiality of lightness and darkness of color and warmth and coldness of temperament is effective on propensity to warmth and coldness of the color. attention to temperamental propensities of people in propensity to colors can improve the quality of human made physical environment and create human-based and sedative space.
کلیدواژه temperament ,color ,environment
آدرس shahid rajaee teacher training university, architecture department, iran, shahid rajaee teacher training university, architecture department, iran, aja university of medical sciences, school of medicine, persian medicine department, iran

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