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   Journal Of Genetic Resources   
سال:2021 - دوره:7 - شماره:1

  tick  A New Chromosome Number Report In Stachys L. Species By Use Of Karyological Analysis - صفحه:29-35

  tick  Detection And Molecular Characterization Of Two Potyvirus Species On Cucurbits From Northwestern Of Iran - صفحه:106-115

  tick  Diversity And Abundance Of Symbiodiniaceae And Bacteria In Corals Sarcophyton Trocheliophorum And Euphyllia Ancora Under Thermal Stimulation - صفحه:1-14

  tick  Evaluation Of Antifungal Activity Of Defensin (Tfgd2) Using Its Heterologous Expression In E. Coli - صفحه:116-124

  tick  Frankincense Upregulates The Fmr1 Gene And Alleviates Alcl3-Induced Memory Impairment In Rats - صفحه:125-132

  tick  Isoenzyme Investigation And Morphometrics Study Of Neckera Complanata And Neckera Crispa - صفحه:59-71

  tick  On-Farm Phenotypic Characterization Of Indigenous Chicken, In Dire And Yabello Districts, Borena Zone, Oromia Regional State, Ethiopia - صفحه:36-48

  tick  Overexpression Of Thermal And Ph Stable Alginate Lyase Of P. Aeruginosa 293 And In Silico Study Of Algl Gene - صفحه:49-58

  tick  Quantitative Genes Controlling Chlorophyll Fluorescence Attributes In Barley (Hordeum Vulgare L.) - صفحه:72-86

  tick  Screen Of Antioxidant Activity Leads To Recognition Of High Valuable Medicinal Plants: A Case Study Of Paveh And Ormanat, West Of Iran - صفحه:87-105

  tick  The Phylogenetic Relationships Within The Tribe Bovini (Bovidae: Bovinae) Using Mitochondrial Genome - صفحه:15-28

  tick  Variable Expression Of The Candidate Gene Nced1 Among Cowpea Accessions Under Different Drought Stress Conditions - صفحه:133-143

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