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   an elementary proof of nagel-schenzel formula  
نویسنده vahidi alireza
منبع journal of algebraic structures and their applications - 2019 - دوره : 6 - شماره : 1 - صفحه:99 -102
چکیده    let $r$ be a commutative noetherian ring with nonzero identity, $mathfrak{a}$ an ideal of $r$, $m$ a finitely generated $r$module, and $a_1, ldots, a_n$ an $mathfrak{a}$filter regular $m$sequence. the formulabegin{align*}operatorname{h}^i_mathfrak{a}(m)congleft{begin{array}{lll}operatorname{h}^i_{(a_1, ldots, a_n)}(m) & text{for all} mathrm{i< n},operatorname{h}^{i n}_mathfrak{a}(operatorname{h}^n_{(a_1, ldots, a_n)}(m)) & text{for all} mathrm{igeq n},end{array}right.end{align*}is known as nagelschenzel formula and is a useful result to express the local cohomology modules in terms of filter regular sequences. in this paper, we provide an elementary proof to this formula.
کلیدواژه filter regular sequences ,local cohomology modules ,nagelschenzel formula
آدرس payame noor university (pnu), department of mathematics, iran
پست الکترونیکی vahidi.ar@pnu.ac.ir

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