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   Epidemiology And Health System Journal   
سال:2017 - دوره:4 - شماره:1

  tick  Alteration In Incidence And Pattern Of Congenital Anomalies Among Newborns During One Decade In Azarshahr, Northwest Of Iran - صفحه:37-43

  tick  Charcot–Marie–Tooth Disease: Genetics, Epidemiology And Complications - صفحه:78-83

  tick  Combination Therapy With Everolimus And Tacrolimus In Kidney Transplantation Recipients: A Systematic Review - صفحه:84-90

  tick  Decomposition Of Potential Gains In Life Expectancy By Elimination Of Unintentional Accidents In Iran - صفحه:44-52

  tick  Descriptive Molecular Epidemiology Study Of Giardia Duodenalis In Children Of Parana State, Brazil - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Epidemiological Studies Of Hepatitis B: Preliminary Report On Adjuvant Potential Of Calotropis Gigantea And Ficus Religiosa Against Hepatitis B Vaccine Containing Surface Antigen - صفحه:10-17

  tick  Epidemiological Study Of Colon Cancer In Educational Hospitals Of Birjand University Of Medical Sciences (2006-2011) - صفحه:61-68

  tick  Epidemiology Of Injuries In Children Under Five Years Old In Qazvin, Iran - صفحه:18-23

  tick  Evaluating Visit Quality In Plan Of Health Sector Evolution In Iran: A Local Survey From Tabriz - صفحه:69-77

  tick  Orlando’S Nursing Process Application On Anxiety Levels Of Patients Undergoing Endoscopy Examination - صفحه:53-60

  tick  Studying The Environmental Health Status Of Beauty Salons Of Kashan - صفحه:24-30

  tick  The Prevalence And Risk Factors Of Mental Disorders Among Students In Ilam: A Crosssectional Study - صفحه:31-36

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