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   Epidemiology And Health System Journal   
سال:2017 - دوره:4 - شماره:2

  tick  A Critique Of The Hospital Services Provision In Iran After Implementing Health Sector Evolution Plan: A Case Report - صفحه:176-181

  tick  An Epidemiological Survey Of Drug Poisoning And A Comparison With Other Poisonings Cases Admitted To A University Hospital In Gorgan, Iran, 2008-2015 - صفحه:94-103

  tick  Determinant Factors Of Survival Time In A Cohort Study On Hiv Patient Using By Time-Varying Cox Model: Fars Province, South Of Iran - صفحه:145-155

  tick  Epidemiological Review Of Gastric Cancer In Educational Hospitals Of Birjand University Of Medical Sciences (20062011) - صفحه:156-165

  tick  Evaluating The Microbial Contamination Of Some Iranian Dried Medicinal Plants And Distillates - صفحه:118-124

  tick  Happiness And Health: Potential Related Factors - صفحه:173-175

  tick  Hearing Loss: A Review On Molecular Genetics And Epidemiologic Aspects - صفحه:166-172

  tick  Influence Of Parameters And Kinetic Study Of Nickel (Ii) And Cadmium (Iii) Metals On Dalbergia Derived Adsorbent - صفحه:134-144

  tick  Is Iran Threatened By Zika Virus? - صفحه:91-93

  tick  Lipid Profile In Relation To Dietary Calorie Intake And Anthropometric Measurement Of Healthy Women Taking Part In Shiraz Diabetes Screening Test - صفحه:104-110

  tick  Pattern Mining Analysis Of Pulmonary Tb Cases In Hamadan Province: Using Space-Time Cube - صفحه:111-117

  tick  The Association Between Serum Lipids Profile And Hba1c In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus In Tehran, Iran - صفحه:125-133

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