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   a study to predict the development of wear for the wheel/interface of a railway track  
نویسنده omojola temitope matthew ,oke sunday ayoola
منبع international journal of railway research - 2018 - دوره : 5 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:33 -51
چکیده    the train transport is often confronted with greatly repeated changes in scope, vehicle travel well-being and transport safety because of the adjustments of wheel and rail profiles. these problems are frustrating and threatening. thus, there is a requirement for an approach to predict the wear of wheel/rail to tackle these problems. a new theoretical ground is broken through the build-up of a modified structure motivated by dimensional analysis to predict the growth of the wheel profile by drawing on li et al.’s seminal work on wheel profile. the principal difference between the current research and li et al.’s work is the incorporation of additional wear profile parameters of fatigue strength and design factor. a framework is then developed for damped and undamped vibration circumstance with simulation results. the suggested approach could comparatively predict the needed parameters with the advantage of a wide scope of parametric coverage. the novel element of the paper is the unique way of predicting the desired parameters in a wider range of parametric observations. the probable use of the method is the state functional railway corporations in developing countries.
کلیدواژه railway ,wheel/rail interface ,wear under vibration ,fatigue strength ,regression analysis
آدرس university of lagos, department of mechanical engineering, nigeria, university of lagos, department of mechanical engineering, nigeria

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