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   International Journal Of Maritime Technology   
سال:2021 - دوره:15 - شماره:0

  tick  Auv Path Planning In Dynamic Cluttered Environment Through The Randomized Kinodynamic Sampling-Based Method - صفحه:93-105

  tick  Evaluation Of Optimal Im-Edp Pairs For Typical South Pars Fixed Pile-Founded Offshore Platforms - صفحه:29-49

  tick  Evaluation Of The Main Factors Effective On Loading And Unloading Of Dry Bulk Cargo With A Focus On Reduced Rate Of Loading And Unloading In The Imam Khomeini Port - Iran - صفحه:1-9

  tick  Experimental And Numerical Analysis Of Hydrodynamic Characteristics Of A Surface Piercing Propeller Mounted On High-Speed Craft - صفحه:79-91

  tick  Experimental Investigation Of Comparison Of Optical Fiber Acoustic Sensor With Standard Hydrophone In Shallow Water - صفحه:11-15

  tick  Experimental Study On Influence Of Using Urease Enzyme On Stabilized Sandy Soil’S Engineering Property By Zeolite And Sawdust - صفحه:17-27

  tick  Introduction To A New Simple Spectral Ewruc Method For The Beach Cusps Formation (Case Study; Makoran Coast) - صفحه:131-146

  tick  Mooring System Fatigue Analysis For Calm And Salm Oil Terminals - صفحه:51-65

  tick  Numerical Modeling Of Armour Type And Arrangement Effects On Wave Overtopping At Rubble Mound Breakwater - صفحه:147-155

  tick  Post Buckling Analysis With Different Configurations Of Snaked Laid Pipelines - صفحه:67-78

  tick  Power Enhancement Of A Heavy-Duty Rail Diesel Engine Considering The Exhaust Gas And Ancillary Facilities Temperature Limitation: A Feasibility Study - صفحه:107-118

  tick  Structural Evaluation Of Repair Methods On Dented Tubular Members Used In Jacket Platforms - صفحه:119-129

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