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   Journal Of Research Development In Nursing And Midwifery   
سال:2022 - دوره:19 - شماره:2

  tick  Assessment Of The Relationship Between Patient Safety Culture And The Second Victim Experience In Critical Care Unit And Emergency Department Nurses - صفحه:10-13

  tick  Effect Of Emotion Regulation Training Based On The Gross Model On The Fear Of Childbirth In Primigravida Women: A Randomized Field Trial - صفحه:27-30

  tick  Effect Of Sexual Education On Sexual Function Of Primigravid Women: A Clinical Trial Study - صفحه:1-5

  tick  Effect Of Stretching Combined With A Slow Deep Breathing Exercise On Patients’ Anxiety After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting: A Randomized Clinical Trial - صفحه:22-26

  tick  Effect Of Virtual Collaborative Learning With Mobile Devices On Patient Safety Culture Among The Staff Of A Maternity Center - صفحه:41-44

  tick  Effects Of A Parenting Preparation Course On Preferred Mode Of Delivery, Fear Of Childbirth, And Perception Of Traumatic Childbirth In Midwifery Students - صفحه:45-49

  tick  Effects Of Virtual Emotion Regulation Training On Positive And Negative Sexual Self-Concept Of Diabetic Married Women Covered By Comprehensive Health Centers In Gorgan, Iran - صفحه:63-67

  tick  Evaluation Of Relationship Between Health Literacy And Illness Perception In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis In Iran - صفحه:37-40

  tick  Experiences Of Novice Educators With The Role Transition From Clinical Practice To Academia: A Phenomenological Study In Ghana - صفحه:18-21

  tick  Health-Related Quality Of Life In Patients With Chronic Respiratory Failure: A Mixed Methods Research Protocol - صفحه:56-58

  tick  Knowledge And Practice About Birth Preparedness And Complication Readiness (Bpacr) Among Primigravida Women: A Cross-Sectional Study - صفحه:14-17

  tick  Letter To Editor:Critical Analysis Of Effects Of The Youth Health Application And Flipcharts On Adolescents’ Knowledge About Early Marriage: A Quasi-Experiment Study - صفحه:50-50

  tick  Preventing Child Sexual Abuse In Iran:Mothers Teaching Body Safety To Their Sons - صفحه:31-36

  tick  Prevention And Health Assurance From The Point Of View Of Hakim Seyyed Ismail Jurjani And Its Comparison With The Recommendations Of The World Health Organization - صفحه:51-55

  tick  Relationship Between Professional Commitment And Intention To Leave The Job Among Nurses Working In Intensive Care Units - صفحه:6-9

  tick  Relationships Between Burden Of Care And Mental Health Of Family Members Of Hospitalized Patients With Covid-19 - صفحه:59-62

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