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   Journal Of Research Development In Nursing And Midwifery   
سال:2021 - دوره:18 - شماره:2

  tick  Alternatives To Improve Mosquito Eradication Behavior: A Systematic Review - صفحه:53-59

  tick  Comparison Of Teacher Evaluation Indices From The Perspective Of Students And Teachers At Alborz University Of Medical Sciences - صفحه:45-48

  tick  Effect Of Ferrous Fumarate Supplementation And Date (Phoenix Dactylifera) Consumption On Hemoglobin Level Of Women In The Third-Trimester Of Pregnancy - صفحه:5-7

  tick  Effect Of Maternal Empowerment Training On Frequency Of Gastrointestinal Complications In Children Undergoing Chemotherapy - صفحه:41-44

  tick  Evaluating Correlation Of General Self-Concept With Sexual Self-Concept In Infertile Women - صفحه:26-28

  tick  Evaluating Effect Of Social Support Programs Based On The Roy'S Adaptation Model On Patients With Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review - صفحه:14-17

  tick  Factors Influencing Choice Of Contraceptives Among Women Of Reproductive Age Attending Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria - صفحه:8-10

  tick  Factors Related To Chronic Energy Deficiency In Pregnant Mothers In The Konawe District, Indonesia - صفحه:18-20

  tick  Knowledge And Perceived Effect Of Polypharmacy And Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use Among Nurses In A Nigerian Tertiary Hospital - صفحه:36-40

  tick  Knowledge And Practice Of Nurses Towards Oxygen Therapy In The Public Hospitals Of Harari Region, Ethiopia - صفحه:11-13

  tick  Letter To Editor: The Role Of Health Literacy In Covid-19 Vaccine Hesitancy - صفحه:60-60

  tick  Place Of Death Among Cancer Patients In Brunei: A Retrospective Study - صفحه:33-35

  tick  Relationships Between Perceived Social Support And Physical Activity With Mood, Physical Fitness And Cognitive Status Of Elderly In Golestan Province - صفحه:1-4

  tick  Self-Awareness Counseling On Quality Of Life Of Menopausal Women - صفحه:29-32

  tick  The Effect Of Virtual Self-Care Education On The Perception Of Type 1 Diabetes-Related Stigma In Female Adolescents With Diabetes: A Clinical Trial - صفحه:21-25

  tick  The Relationship Between Socio-Demographic Characteristics With Genital Self-Image In The Women, 2016 - صفحه:49-52

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