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   Interdisciplinary Journal Of Virtual Learning In Medical Sciences   
سال:2015 - دوره:6 - شماره:4

  tick  Comparison Of Electronic And Workshop Teaching Methods On Midwives Knowledge About Pregnant Women Caring And Attitude Regarding To E-Learning In Kerman - صفحه:43-50

  tick  Designing And Implementation Of The Blended Instructional Model Based On Reigeluth, Merrill, Keller And The Investigation Of Its Effect On Students’ Learning In Biology Course - صفحه:61-72

  tick  Drawing Up A Medical Syllabus By Integrating The Gamified Blended Module Of L2 English Learning - صفحه:1-19

  tick  Evaluation Of Views Of Professors And Students And Student Need For Topics Of Suggested Entrepreneurship Course Syllabus In Paramedical Sciences, 2014 - صفحه:106-121

  tick  Explain The Causal Model Of The Use Of Internet Technology By Employees Of The National Bank Of Shiraz, According To Subjective Norms, Governmental And Institutional Support - صفحه:20-29

  tick  Investigation Of The Effect Of Computer Simulation-Based Learning Based On Constructivism In Removing Physics Misconceptions - صفحه:30-41

  tick  Modified Unified Theory Of Acceptance And Use Of Technology In Investigating Iranian Language Learners’ Attitudes Toward Mobile Assisted Language Learning (Mall) - صفحه:93-105

  tick  Role Of Spiritual Intelligence In Defensive Styles Of Nursing Students - صفحه:73-82

  tick  The Effect Of Teaching Using Multimedia Program On Academic Performance Of Second Grade Students Of Secondary Schools In Empirical Sciences Textbook And Its Comparison With Traditional Method - صفحه:51-60

  tick  The Impacts Of Professional Ability To Use Ict In Kharazmiuniversity: A Case Study In Iran - صفحه:83-92

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