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   Assessment of Birjand Flood Plain Water Quality By Physico-Chemical Parameters Analysis in Iran  
نویسنده Mansouri Borhan ,Moussavi Parvin ,Salehi Kamal ,Salehi Javad ,Kardan-Moghaddam Hamid ,Mahmoodi Mehri ,Etebari Behrooz
منبع Journal Of Advances In Environmental Health Research - 2013 - دوره : 1 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:101 -111
چکیده    We assessed the physico-chemical status of twelve surface water samples from the birjand flood plain (east of iran) during fall 2010. the sampling points were selected on the basis of their importance. the physico-chemical parameters such as ph, temperature (t), electrical conductivity (ec), total dissolved solids (tds), total hardness (th), calcium (ca^2+), magnesium (mg^2+ ), sodium (na^+), potassium (k^+), chloride (cl^-), sulphtate (so4^2-), bicarbonate (hco^3–), carbonate (co3^2– ), nitrite (no^2–), nitrate (no^3–), dissolved oxygen (do), biochemical oxygen demand (bod^5), and chemical oxygen demand (cod) of surface water were determined. the results showed that there were a statistical significant positive correlation between the ph and do. ph and temperature indicated negative association with most of the parameters. furthermore, ec showed highly significant positive association with tds, th, ca^2+, na^+, and cl^-. results showed that the quality of surface water was not suitable for drinking, with references to the concentrations of ec, tds, th, na^+, hco^3-, and bod^5 which were more than the prescribed limits, in most sites.
کلیدواژه Water Quality ,Hardness ,Biochemical Oxygen Demand ,Birjand Flood Plain
آدرس Kurdistan University Of Medical Sciences, Kurdistan Environmental Health Research Center, ایران, Shahid Sadoughi University Of Medical Sciences, International Campus, Environmental Health Engineering Department, ایران, Kurdistan University Of Medical Sciences, School Of Health, Department Of Environmental Health Engineering, ایران, University Of Birjand, School Of Agriculture, Department Of Environment, ایران, Birjand University, School Of Agriculture, Department Of Water Engineering, ایران, Kurdistan University Of Medical Sciences, School Of Health, Department Of Public Health, ایران, Southern Khorasan Regional Water Company, ایران

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