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   تحلیل انتقادی گفتمان قدرت در دو فصل از سیاست نامه خواجه نظام الملک توسی  
نویسنده خزانه دارلو محمد علی ,جلاله وند الکامی مجید
منبع سياست جهاني - 1392 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:89 -108
چکیده    the most fundamental condition of reproduction of sovereignty & political authority is access to discourses which legitimate the dominion of politicians in public opinion. multi medias, training centers & universities, civic, social & religious foundation etc... have the most important rule in reproduction of sovereignty & authority in the society. critical discourse analysis as one of the analysis approach investigates the hidden layers of language in both verbal & nonverbal texts in order to demonstrate the circumstance of forming & reproduction of sovereignty & authority discourses.khajenezam-ol-molk-tusi one the most authoritative genius in politic attempted for solidity, continuance & spread of saljuqi dominion by planning ideological discourse & religious policy during his 30 years ministry. siasat-nameh is one of those medias that have codified for forming & continuance of this kind of discourse. by using critical analysis discourse, this subject will reveal that how khaje-nazam-ol-molk-tusi - as regards to epistemological background which was dominated on the society- has planned his ideological discourses by words, phrasing, narratives & meta-narratives in addition, by controlling the public opinion he throws down & omits his antagonists & finallyhe legitimates & justifies his religious discrimination policy in iranian religious society.
کلیدواژه Critical Discourse Analysis ,Ideological Discourse ,Siasat-Nameh Of Khajenezam-Ol-Molk-Tusi ,تحلیل انتقادی گفتمان ,نورمن فرگلاف ,گفتمان عقیدتی ,سیاست نامه خواجه نظام الملک
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