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   پدیده طلوعیان و نقش انگلیسی ها در شکل گیری آن  
نویسنده روشنفکر محمدمهدی ,مرادی خلج محمدمهدی
منبع پژوهشنامه تاريخ هاي محلي ايران - 1393 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:153 -172
چکیده    About the years 1329 – 1330 of iranian solar calendar coinciding with oil nationalization movement, an event or phenomenon, in the oil-rich khuzestan region, occurred between boyer ahmad and the bakhtiari tribe known as the tolou or soroush. the quasi-religious movement that more than anything insisted on the world's denial, renunciation of worldly affairs, wealth, and worthless dirt and oil, in bakhtiari tribe is known as a phenomenon that an english man named jykak has developed and promoted it. in boyer ahmadi tribe, a gnostic person called agha baba had assumed a leadership role, but both had similar programs and slogans. tolou means sunrise, but in that case it means the rise of an unusual phenomenon that had been designed and promoted with some specific objectives to induce the ignorant and naïve people. they tried to pretend and induce masses of naïve people that the light of faith, honesty, and the truth had been risen up and projected in them. hence they were called toloueian. their most important promise was the imminent appearance of imam mahdi (as), respectively.
کلیدواژه طلوعیان ,جیکاک ,آقا بابا ,بویراحمدی ,بختیاری
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