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   بررسی تاریخی فعالیت های اقتصادی یهودیان همدان در روزگار قاجار  
نویسنده شریفی لیلا ,زارعی مهرورز عباس
منبع پژوهشنامه تاريخ هاي محلي ايران - 1393 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:139 -151
چکیده    Hamadan has long been the host of relatives and followers of different religions, including jews. geographic and economic position of hamadan has located it over the economical and commercial path of mesopotamia, and that was why the jews during the qajar period considered it as the center of their economic activities in the west of iran. population density and relative freedom of hamedan jews in the qajar period such as trade with mesopotamia, medicine, and selling the antique things, caused their economic activities to achieve a significant progress; although these activities were continually impressed by how their relationship with the muslim majority was, and international events, such as world war i. authors, by using a historical approach and relying on classical sources, itineraries and documents has tried to have an overview of the situation of jews in hamedan, in particular, the economic activities of the jews in the qajar period and its impact on their social status. this research has been done on the basis of historical data.
کلیدواژه یهودیان ,همدان ,فعالیت های اقتصادی ,اوضاع اجتماعی ,قاجاریه
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