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   بررسی تطبیقی مسایل اجتماعی در تواریخ محلی و سلسله‌ای عصر شاه عباس اول صفوی  
نویسنده فارابی شهین
منبع پژوهشنامه تاريخ هاي محلي ايران - 1393 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 3 - صفحه:18 -34
چکیده    Despite public awareness about the safavid era, mostly inferred from contemporary european writers and reports of the safavid dynasty, a series evidence of social issues can be found in dynastic local histories. concerning the historiography in the era of shah abbas, two types of sources had been written (local and dynastic histories) that in the present article a selection from the common social reports in these histories were studied comparatively. the approach of each of the historians about the issue of social classes, relationships of shah and local governors and people, social consequences of military events such as the invasion of uzbaks to the east of iran or natural disasters such as famine, floods and earthquakes and its social consequences, superstition issues etc., are among the issues of the focus of this article that shows how they are reflected in local histories and dynastic era of shah abbas i.the type and amount of reflection of social phenomena in those works, as well as the impact of social and occupational status of their authors in the type of each of these reflections, is the essential issue of the present study. this article attempts to answer these questions that each of the histories on social issues, in what points has shown interest? what was the reason of the considerations? research findings show that the amount of social reports contained in the local histories is more than dynastic histories and the type of those reports considering the occupational positions of their authors are different from each other.
کلیدواژه عصر صفویه ,شاه عباس اول ,مسایل اجتماعی ,بررسی تطبیقی ,تواریخ محلی ,تواریخ سلسله‌ای
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