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   عدالت اجتماعی در فرهنگ علوی  
نویسنده سبحانی فر جواد محمد جواد ,مردمی ابوالقاسم
منبع پاسداري فرهنگي انقلاب اسلامي - 1391 - دوره : 0 - شماره : 6 - صفحه:177 -202
چکیده    social justice in alawite culturedr. mohammad javad sobhaniassociate professor, imam hussein (a.s.) universitydr. abulqasem mardomicorresponding author: lecturer and researcher, imam hussein (a.s.) university for training military officers and guardsperhaps, justice is the most amazing issue among the supreme qualities and virtues of imam ali (a.s), the commander of the faithful. he did not neglect justice under any circumstances, neither in word and in the individual aspects of life nor in deed and in the social aspects of life and in administrative and managerial positions. thus, it is imperative for a society seeking to establish its administrative foundations and social relations on the basis of religious principles and divine commands to explore the theoretical and practical aspects of justice in imam ali’s (a.s) life since his wise teachings along with his practical life can be a praiseworthy, functional model for such a community. hence, this paper attempts to deal with this issue using a descriptive-analytical and content analysis method. for this purpose, first, the theoretical aspects of this topic in the holy quran and from the prophet’s (p.b.u.h.) perspective are explored. then, the various aspects of justice from the perspective of the commander of the faithful (a.s.) and in his practical life are discussed and, finally, an attempt is made to offer some practical implications.keywords: ali (a.s.), justice, society, culture, alawite culture.
کلیدواژه عدالت ,جامعه ,فرهنگ علوی
آدرس دانشگاه جامع امام حسین (ع), دانشیار دانشگاه امام حسین (ع), ایران, دانشگاه جامع امام حسین (ع), مدرس و پِِِژوهشگر دانشگاه افسری و تربیت پاسداری امام حسین (ع), ایران

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