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   کالبد شکافی جنگ نرم بر اساس مدل کارکردی قدرت نرم  
نویسنده سلگی رضا غلام رضا
منبع پاسداري فرهنگي انقلاب اسلامي - 1391 - دوره : 0 - شماره : 6 - صفحه:23 -51
چکیده    Anatomy of soft warbased on a functional model of soft powergholamreza solgilecturer and researcher, imam hussein (a.s.) university for training military officers and guardsamong the areas of soft dispute between the islamic republic and the hegemonic system is a new and complex phenomenon called soft war and the concepts associated with it. in contrast to those who think that soft war does not really exist, we believe that the islamic revolution is faced with a multilateral, profound and wide-ranging soft war which has to be examined from different angles. the fact is that the hegemonic system feels all that it has gained during the centuries is being endangered by a holy phenomenon called the islamic republic and they clearly know that all their covert and overt witchcraft will no longer work. in spite of this, they will not quit their attempts and will constantly carry on their full-fledged hostility using novel techniques and wearing new masks so that they may maintain their dominance over the world. however, the islamic revolution, whose manifestation is observed in the islamic republic of iran, will not have its hands tied and, with its message, will attract the minds and hearts of people by persuasion, not by enticement, and will pave the way for the new world order and administration relying on the islamic teachings and the divine nature of humans. in this article, following a documentary and field study, analyzing library resources and offering his findings in the form of the functional model of soft power to a number of experts to be criticized, the author looks at the process of soft war formation from a different angle and adds some new concepts such as legitimate and illegitimate soft power and soft deterrence to the rich literature of the islamic revolution.keywords: soft, soft power, legitimate soft power, illegitimate soft power, the process of soft war formation, soft deterrence, soft defense.
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آدرس دانشگاه جامع امام حسین (ع), مدرس و پِِِژوهشگر دانشگاه افسری و تربیت پاسداری امام حسین (ع), ایران
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