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   Journal Of Chemical Health Risks   
سال:2023 - دوره:13 - شماره:1

  tick  Antimicrobial Potentials Of Iron Oxide And Silver Nanoparticles Green-Synthesized In Fusarium Solani - صفحه:95-104

  tick  Assessment Of Potential Human Health Risk Of Heavy Metals In Waterleaf (Talinum Triangulare) Sold In Major Markets In Calabar, Nigeria - صفحه:157-174

  tick  Determination Of Heavy Metals Contamination On Smoked Fish Sold At Some Fish Markets In Borno State, Nigeria - صفحه:135-143

  tick  Effect Of Zeolite Application And Seed Priming With Salicylic Acid On Decreasing The Cd Concentration Of Inoculated Plant With Piriformospora Indica Fungus Under Drought Stress - صفحه:1-8

  tick  Epidemiology Of Childhood Cancer Based On The Databases Of Population-Based Cancer Registries In City Of Erbil, Iraq - صفحه:65-72

  tick  Evaluation Of Authenticity In Honey Samples From Qazvin, Iran - صفحه:73-83

  tick  Evaluation Of Nitrite Exposure From Meat Products Supplied In Tehran, Iran - صفحه:43-48

  tick  Evaluation Of The Risk Non-Carcinogenicity Of Heavy Metals In Traditional Foods Prepared In Restaurants Of Isfahan, Iran - صفحه:85-94

  tick  Impact Of Lactic Acid Bacteria Cells On The Aflatoxin B1 In Wheat Flour During Manufacture Fino Bread - صفحه:187-194

  tick  In-Vitro Antibacterial And Antifungal Screening Of Newly Synthesized Trifluoromethylated N-Heterocyclic Ketenimines And 1-Aza Butadiene Derivatives - صفحه:57-64

  tick  Molecular Pathology And Methylation Assessment In Pancreatic Cancer; New Approach In Diagnosis And Treatment - صفحه:115-124

  tick  Phytotherapy In Burn Wound Healing: A Review Of Native Iranian Medicinal Plants - صفحه:17-29

  tick  Relationship Of Giving Pill/Syrup Fe (Iron) Complex, Parity, Anc Examination, And The Age Of Women Giving Birth To Bblr - صفحه:175-185

  tick  Removal Of Amoxicillin From Aqueous Solutions By Using Synthesized Highly Hydrogel Surface As A Good Adsorbent - صفحه:49-55

  tick  Sources And Seasonal Variance Of Ambient Volatile Organic Compounds In The Oil-Based Chemical Industry From 2020 To 2021: A Case Study Of Iraq - صفحه:105-114

  tick  The Correlation Of Blood Xylene Levels And Neurological Disorders Among Informal Car Painters - صفحه:195-205

  tick  The Effects Of Nano Zinc Oxide Shape On Optical Characteristics Of Tapioca Starch Films And In Vitro Escherichia Coli Microbial Growth Kinetics - صفحه:145-155

  tick  The Influence Of Fish Oil Supplementation On The Adverse Effects Of Chemotherapy In Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma - صفحه:125-133

  tick  The Risk Of Exposure To Pesticides On Autism Disorder: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis - صفحه:31-42

  tick  The Substituent Effects On Chemical Reactivity And Aromaticity Current Of Ritalin Drug - صفحه:9-16

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