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   Journal Of Chemical Health Risks   
سال:2021 - دوره:11 - شماره:3

  tick  An Approximate Solution For Glucose Model Via Parameterization Method In Optimal Control Problems - صفحه:291-298

  tick  Estimation Of Daily Intake And Mineral Content Of Ice Cream In Bangladesh - صفحه:237-243

  tick  Heavy Metals In Commercial Food For Infants And Small Children Origin From The Sarajevo Market - صفحه:263-269

  tick  In-Vivo And In-Vitro Evaluation For Memory Enhancing Activity Of Some Isoflavonoids By Suitable Animal Models - صفحه:305-315

  tick  Investigating Nitrate And Nitrite Concentrations In Drinking Water Of Five Districts In Tehran And Assessing The Presence Of Nitrate Reducing Bacteria - صفحه:329-338

  tick  Iodized Salt: Assessment Of Nutritional Status, Iodine Intake And Iodine Exposure - صفحه:245-253

  tick  Kinetic And Equilibrium Studies For Dye Adsorption Onto Sugarcane Bagasse And Rice Husks - صفحه:255-262

  tick  Modified Titania Impact On Photocatalytic Efficiency Of Bmim [Cl] - صفحه:283-290

  tick  Risk Assessment For Al-Nahrawn Site That Contaminated With Depleted Uranium In Baghdad - صفحه:317-328

  tick  Stress-Metabolite Stilbenoids In Vine Trunk Of Ojaleshi Grape Variety (Vitis Vinifera L.) Under Crown Gall Infection - صفحه:299-304

  tick  Synthesis Of New Glycine Cephalexin Condensed Polymer As Peptide Biopolymer For Controlled Release Of Cephalexin - صفحه:339-344

  tick  Toxoplasmosis Among Patients With Cancers And Blood Disorders In Iran: Serological Evaluation, Risk Factors And Comparison With Healthy Individuals - صفحه:271-282

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