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   evaluating the antioxidant and acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activities of some plants from kohgiluyeh va boyerahmad province, iran  
نویسنده hajimehdipoor h. ,ara l. ,moazzeni h.
منبع research journal of pharmacognosy - 2016 - دوره : 3 - شماره : 4 - صفحه:1 -7
چکیده    background and objectives: alzheimer’s disease (ad) is a neurodegenerative disorder. nowadays, many investigations are performed to find new drugs for ad and medicinal plants are considered as one of the most important sources for developing new drugs. according to the role of oxidant agents and acetylcholinesterase enzyme (ache) in ad, plants with antioxidant and ache inhibition properties could be good candidates for ad studies. in the present investigation, acetylcholinesterase inhibition (achei) and antioxidant effects of some plants from kohgiluye va boyerahmad province of iran have been determined. methods: the plants collected from kohgiluyeh va boyerahmad province (56 species) were extracted with methanol by using maceration method. achei activity of the extracts was determined using ellman method in 96-well microplates. antioxidant activity was determined using dpph and frap methods. results: the results showed that aerial parts of amygdalus scoparia had the highest achei effect (50% inhibition in concentration of 300 µg/ml). the plant also demonstrated suitable antioxidant effects. epilobium minutiflorum found to be the most potent species for dpph inhibition and reduction of ferric-tptz complex (ic50 3.6 µg/ml and frap value 335.0 mmol feso4.7h2o/100g extract). conclusion: our results confirmed that almost all species with achei activity showed to be effective as potent antioxidant agents.
کلیدواژه acetylcholinesterase ,antioxidant ,dpph ,frap ,kohgiluyeh va boyerahmad
آدرس traditional medicine and materia medica research center and department of traditional pharmacy, school of traditional medicine, shahid beheshti university of medical sciences, tehran, iran, ایران, traditional medicine and materia medica research center, shahid beheshti university of medical sciences, tehran, iran, ایران, ferdowsi university of mashhad, ایران

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