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   نقش شهروندی فعال در بهبود کیفیت زندگی شهری  
نویسنده غفاری نسب اسفندیار
منبع مطالعات شهري - 1391 - دوره : 2 - شماره : 2 - صفحه:139 -162
چکیده    individuals' ability to make judgments about their own lives; therefore, the very characteristic of citizenship is the participatory ethics. Citizenship is an active situation, that is to say, that in addition to rights, it also includes duties and commitments. Therefore, it is an excellent basis for the management of human affairs. Due to its Citizenship is the most dynamic concept in modern society. It recognizes the set of rights, duties and commitments, citizenship is also a good way for the fair and just distribution and management of resources by dividing life’s responsibilities and benefits. Active citizenship tends to empower individuals and communities and it values participation in and for itself. Therefore, active citizenship is more than the mere enhancement of general participation, that is, it requires citizens to participate in order to improve the city as a living space. Thus, it gives to citizens the abilities to participate in the planning and provision of social services.
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