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   Malaysian Journal Of Mathematical Sciences   
سال:2016 - دوره:10 - شماره:S

  tick  (Α,Β,Γ) - Derivations Of Diassociative Algebras - صفحه:101-126

  tick  A Two-Step Trigonometrically Fitted Semi-Implicit Hybrid Method For Solving Special Second Order Oscillatory Differential Equation - صفحه:145-158

  tick  Confirmatory Model Of Mathematics Self-Efficacy,Problem Solving Skills And Prior Knowledge On Mathematics Achievement: A Structural Equation Model - صفحه:187-200

  tick  Design Of Rabin-Like Cryptosystem Without Decryption Failure - صفحه:1-18

  tick  Existence And Global Higher Integrability Of Quasiminimizers Among Minimizing Sequences Of Variational Integrals - صفحه:85-100

  tick  Exploring The Influence Of Utilitarian,Cognitive And Affective Factors On The Use Of E-Books Via Handheld Mobile Devices: A Review - صفحه:249-266

  tick  Fluid Mechanics Of The Descemet Membrane Detachment With Spontaneous Reattachment - صفحه:19-31

  tick  Influence Of Parental Involvement And Peer Support On Mathematics Engagement Among Malaysian Secondary School Students - صفحه:175-185

  tick  Iterative Methods For Solving Split Feasibility Problem In Hilbert Space - صفحه:127-143

  tick  Mathematical Learning Attributes Impacting Students' Performance In Sarawak - صفحه:159-174

  tick  Measuring Public Knowledge Of Science And Technology In Indonesia - صفحه:233-247

  tick  Multilinear Singular Value Decomposition For Two Qubits - صفحه:69-83

  tick  Multistep Block Method For Solving Volterra Integro-Differential Equations - صفحه:33-48

  tick  Polynomials With Only Real Zeros - صفحه:61-68

  tick  Simulation Of Left-Truncated And Case-K Interval Censored Survival Data With Time-Varying Covariates - صفحه:159-173

  tick  The Effects Of Matas Hopscotch Technique In The Learning Of Fractions Among Year 5 Pupils - صفحه:201-210

  tick  The Ethnomathematics Of The Kabihug Tribe In Jose Panganiban,Camarines Norte,Philippines - صفحه:211-231

  tick  Uniqueness Solution Of The Finite Elements Scheme For Symmetric Hyperbolic Systems With Variable Coefficients - صفحه:49-60

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