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   Introducing S-Index Into Factoring Rsa Modulus Via Lucas Sequences  
نویسنده Abu N.A. ,Salim F. ,Ariffin M.R.K.
منبع Malaysian Journal Of Mathematical Sciences - 2017 - دوره : 11 - شماره : S - صفحه:103 -120
چکیده    At any instance in the factoring algorithm,the accumulative result stands indepen- dently. in effect,there is no clear direction to manoeuvre whether to go left or right. general lucas sequences are practically useful in cryptography. in the past quarter century,factoring large rsa modulo into its primes is one of the most important and most challenging problems in computational number theory. a factoring technique on rsa modulo is mainly hindered by the strong prime properties. the success of factoring few large rsa modulo within the last few decades has been due to comput- ing prowess overcoming one strong prime of rsa modulo. in this paper,some useful properties of lucas sequences shall be explored in factoring rsa modulo. this paper will also introduces the s-index formation in solving quadratic equation modulo n. the s-index pattern is very useful in designing an algorithm to factor rsa modulo. the s-index will add another comparative tool to better manoeuvre in a factoring process. on one hand,it shall remain a theoretical challenge to overcome the strong prime properties. on the other hand,it shall remain a computational challenge to achieve a running time within polynomial time to factor rsa modulo. this paper will propose an avenue to do both using general lucas sequences.
کلیدواژه Factoring Rsa Modulus; Lucas Sequences; S-Index
آدرس Insfornet,Faculty Of Ict,Universiti Teknikal Malaysia,Melaka,Malaysia,Laboratory Of Cryptology,Institute For Mathematical Research,Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia, Faculty Of Engineering Technology,Universiti Teknikal Malaysia,Melaka, Malaysia, Laboratory Of Cryptology,Institute For Mathematical Research,Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia

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