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   The effect of gender and different levels of education on the relationship between students'' achievement goal and their academic achievement  
نویسنده Rashidi Nasser ,Javan mardi Fatemeh
منبع journal of english language teaching and learning - 2012 - شماره : 10 - صفحه:53 -76
چکیده    With the development of research on educational psychology and foreign language teaching and learning, one of the most controversial concepts in educational psychology might be the issues related to the students’ achievement goal orientations. Regarding the goals that students adopt which might influence their academic success and failure, this study was undertaken to determine whether gender and different years of education affected the relationship between students’ achievement goal and their academic achievement. To achieve such goals, achievement goal orientation questionnaires were distributed among 182 male and female B.A. students, majoring in English Literature at Shiraz University. The obtained data were analyzed through multiple regression coefficient. The results showed that only in the case of females, gender affected the relationship between students with performance approach and performance avoidant goal orientation and their academic achievement. In addition, in the case of freshmen and juniors, only performance approach was the significant predictor of the students’ academic achievement. Regarding sophomore students, adopting such a goal did not have significant effects on their academic achievement. Likewise, in the case of seniors, both performance approach and performance avoidant had significant effects on the students’ academic achievement.
کلیدواژه Goal orientation ,Educational psychology ,Academic achievement ,Gender ,Level of education
آدرس shiraz university, ایران, shiraz university, ایران

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