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   an investigation of assessment literacy among native and nonnative english teachers  
نویسنده salimi esmaeel ali ,farsi mitra
منبع journal of english language teaching and learning - 2018 - دوره : 10 - شماره : 22 - صفحه:49 -62
چکیده    the present study was intended to examine the perspectives of efl native and non-native english teachers towards assessment literacy. besides, it was within the scope of this study to see whether could affect on native and non-native english teachers’ view on assessment literacy. to achieve such goals, 100 native and non-native english teachers from esl and efl contexts were picked out on the basis of a combination of availability sampling and snowball sampling procedures. they were asked to take part in the study by filling out classroom assessment literacy inventory developed by cynthia campbell and craig mertler (2004). the results highlighted that there was a statistically significant difference in mean scores for native english teachers and mean scores for non-native english teachers and native english teachers showed a better performance on assessment literacy items. furthermore, the results revealed that there was not any statistically significant difference between mean scores of male teachers and mean scores of female teachers. in other words, gender has not been effective on the teachers’ perception respecting to assessment literacy.
کلیدواژه assessment literacy ,native teachers ,non- native teachers ,teaching experience
آدرس allameh tabataba'i university, department of english language and literature, ایران, allameh tabataba'i university, ایران
پست الکترونیکی farsi_1977@yahoo.com

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