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   Exploring Efl Learners' Beliefs Toward Communicative Language Teaching: A Case Study of Iranian Efl Learners  
نویسنده Khatib Mohammad ,Ashoori Tootkaboni Arezoo
منبع Journal Of English Language Teaching And Learning - 2017 - دوره : 9 - شماره : 20 - صفحه:109 -134
چکیده    Although communicative language teaching (clt) has been widely advocated by a considerable number of applied linguists and english language teachers, its implementation in english as a foreign language (efl) contexts has encountered a number of difficulties. reviewing the literature suggests that one of the reasons for unsuccessful implementation of clt may be neglect of learners' beliefs in the process of learning. using a likert-type scale, the current study was undertaken to explore 242 iranian efl learners' beliefs towards six core tenets of the clt approach: namely, the importance of grammar; the use of group work and pair work; the role and contribution of the learners; the role of the teachers in the classroom; the quality and quantity of error correction and assessment; and the role of the learners' native language in efl classes. analysis of the data revealed that although in some cases learners had viewpoints that opposed clt principles, a considerable percentage of the respondents appreciated and had a high perception of clt principles, indicating a welcoming atmosphere toward the implementation of clt in iran.
کلیدواژه Communicative Language Teaching (Clt) ,English As A Foreign Language (Efl) ,Learners' Beliefs ,Questionnaire Development And Validation
آدرس Allameh Tabataba’I University, ایران, Allameh Tabataba’I University, ایران
پست الکترونیکی a.ashoori1985@gmail.com

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