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   International Journal Of Engineering   
سال:2015 - دوره:28 - شماره:11

  tick  A New Model For Fleet Assignment Problem,Case Study Of Iran Air Network At Vision 2036 - صفحه:1614-1623

  tick  A Novel Similarity Solution Of Turbulent Boundary Layer Flow Over A Flat Plate - صفحه:1680-1686

  tick  A Quaternion Firefly Algorithm To Solve A Multi-Row Facility Layout Problem - صفحه:1605-1613

  tick  A Robust Image Denoising Technique In The Contourlet Transform Domain - صفحه:1589-1596

  tick  An Approach Of Artificial Neural Networks Modeling Based On Fuzzy Regression For Forecasting Purposes - صفحه:1651-1655

  tick  Application Of Combined Local Object Based Features And Cluster Fusion For The Behaviors Recognition And Detection Of Abnormal Behaviors - صفحه:1597-1604

  tick  Benefits Of The Electromagnetic Actuated Valve Train In Gasoline Engine Application - صفحه:1656-1662

  tick  Experimental And Numerical Flow Investigation Of Intake Manifold And Multi Criteria Decision Making On 3-Cylinder Si Engine Using Technique For Order Of Preference By Similarity To Ideal Solution - صفحه:1663-1670

  tick  Fitting Second-Order Models To Mixed Two-Level And Four-Level Factorial Designs: Is There An Easier Procedure? - صفحه:1644-1650

  tick  Hydrolysis Of Sorghum (Broomcorn) In Diluted Hydrochloric Acid - صفحه:1543-1551

  tick  Investigating Zone Pricing In A Location-Routing Problem Using A Variable Neighborhood Search Algorithm - صفحه:1624-1633

  tick  Least Squares Support Vector Machine For Constitutive Modeling Of Clay - صفحه:1571-1578

  tick  Liquid Sloshing Effect Analysis On Lateral Dynamics Of An Articulated Vehicle Carrying Liquid For Various Filled Volumes - صفحه:1671-1679

  tick  Measurement Of Complexity And Comprehension Of A Program Through A Cognitive Approach - صفحه:1579-1588

  tick  Numerical Analysis Of Sediment Transport In Sewer Pipe - صفحه:1564-1570

  tick  Online Monitoring And Fault Diagnosis Of Multivariate-Attribute Process Mean Using Neural Networks And Discriminant Analysis Technique - صفحه:1634-1643

  tick  Removal Of Diazinon From Aqueous Solutions In Batch Systems Using Cu-Modified Sodalite Zeolite: An Application Of Response Surface Methodology - صفحه:1552-1563

  tick  Vibration Analysis Of An Air Compressor Based On A Hypocycloidal Mechanism: An Experimental Study - صفحه:1687-1692

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